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KONRO soup, having seasonings Healthy

in indonesia. One of the typical diet is increasingly popular area is konro soup. Coto addition, the city of Makassar is also known as typical foods, namely konro soup. This soup is one of the original dishes from Indonesia Bugis tradition and Makassar.
Word konro Makassar origin and language, which means rib. So, the soup is soup konro based rib beef or buffalo rib. Konro soup can be presented in two forms, namely konro berkuah (makassar beef-ribs soup) and konro not berkuah or often referred to as fuel konro (makassar-grilled beef ribs).

Improve the nutritional value
Spices are defined as material containing one or more types of spices, which added to the food when food is processed (before serving). Aim to improve the smell, taste, texture, and overall appearance.
Each component has a taste of spice, color, aroma, and appearance different, so the combination with each other will give a new sensation that can improve the taste, the power received, and a separate identity within each product produced.
Naturally spice contains a variety of active components are very large role in creating a sense of a product. Spices contain anti-oxidants, antibacterial, antikapang, and antique hamir, all of which were very large role in making spices a durable and resistant store.
In addition, the spice also contains antiseptic, antibacterial, and antibiotic, so that very large Khasiatnya for disease prevention and public health improvement.
Examples of the antimicrobial ingredients are: garlic allisin on, aliphatic disulfide in onions, eugenol in cloves, Capsaicin in chili peppers, and eugenol in cinnamon sinamat, kurkumin in turmeric, and nutmeg miristin on. Antimicrobial compounds in spices can prevent damage to food and microbial decay, so the food becomes durable.
This is apparent in food processing by using lots of spices, as well as the cuisine of Padang. In ancient Egyptian times, essential oils of cinnamon, cloves, and cassia even used to preserve bodies (mummifikasi).
Flavor components that contain no medical effect is to be an aphrodisiac (causing arousal and sexual power), astringen (regulate blood flow through the contraction of blood vessels), diuretics (urine disposal launched), expectorant (launched disposal sputum), and others. That's why people feel the benefits of healthy and fit after eating foods that are full of flavor.

High protein and calcium
The largest component of konro soup is water, which comes from the broth. Water content per 100 grams of soup konro is 85 g. Other components contained in each soup konro is 7.4 g protein, 2.6 g fat, 4.5 g carbohydrate, 17 mg potassium, phosphorus 60 mg, 4.6 mg iron, potassium 25 mg, 1.3 mg zinc , 0.12 mg vitamin B1, vitamin B2 0.02 mg, and 10.9 mg of niacin.
So, if a bowl of soup konro equivalent to 250 grams, nutritious and a half to two times that of the numbers listed above.
Compared to Coto Makassar, soup konro have the energy levels and lower fat, but protein and calcium levels are higher, per unit of the same weight (100 grams). Fat levels are lower due to the soup konro ticlak the use of offal.
Not only that, the soup konro also confirmed with cholesterol levels lower. Thus, the soup can bahvva konro dipastkan healthier than the Coto Makassar.
One of the ingredients that make a healthier konro soup is the presence of red beans. Red beans are rich in protein, low fat, and sources of minerals (calcium, phosphorus, and iron), fiber, B vitamins and good food. Vitamin D helps the body use amino acids, so protein synthesis can run smoothly. Furthermore protein will work to form the body's immune system to fight various infectious diseases.


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KONRO soup, having seasonings Healthy

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