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red chili peppers benefits

red chili peppers benefitsred chili peppers benefits.
this tips for overcome a weight with chili.

Chili, we knew him as a vegetable that has a spicy taste. Besides functioning enrich flavor in cooking, eating meals with a mixture of chili in it, it also can help overcome a weight problem.
Recent research shows, hot pepper potent to suppress one's appetite.
But new research shows, the effect will be more optimal if the chili is not too often be eaten.
Red chili or cayenne pepper is a type of chili that is larger than cayenne pepper, red and touted the most widely consumed throughout the world. Other names are Guinea spice, Pepper Cow Horn, aleva or bird pepper.
Like other types of chili at large, red peppers also contain capsaicin which is a compound that gives spicy taste. Various studies prove, capsaicin is good for dieting because it can suppress appetite and increase calorie burning.
Provision of capsaicin capsules in several scientific studies participants showed a satisfactory effect. Likewise, when testing is done by the original chili, benefits administration capcaisin as effective in extract form a capsule inserted.
Recently, research at Purdue University in Indiana revealed a more effective way to get the benefits of capsaicin in red chili. The study involved 25 participants, consisting of 13 people fans of chili and 12 people who are not fond of spicy.
Researchers did not determine how much original red chili (not extract capsaicin) that must be consumed, participants may take their own will. Enthusiasts sambal average took 1.8 grams while that is not fond of spicy average only 0.3 grams.
In general, all participants were asked to consume red peppers are equally benefited. The body becomes warm, decreased appetite, especially on salty and fatty foods, as well as burning calories more efficiently.chili peppers benefits
But seen from the amount of chili consumed, participants who are not fond of eating hot pepper sauce a little more. This means that in smaller doses, capsaicin effects are even more optimal to people who are not accustomed to eating hot peppers.
"There are differences in changes in appetite responses differ between the two groups. This shows, the effect is greater in people who are not accustomed to eating chili," said Prof. Richard Mattes in a report published in the journal Physiology & Behavior, as quoted from Dailymail.
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lifestyle tips of eating breakfast is important

eating breakfast is importanteating breakfast is important
Most of us always start the day with an empty stomach. Some argue do not have enough time for breakfast, some are thinking that the habit of eating breakfast will only make the body fat.
But you know, a research at Harvard University in the U.S. showed that people who regularly eat breakfast have a tendency to 50 percent were not overweight than those who skip breakfast.
Well, so you better understand the benefits, the following is an explanation of why breakfast is good for the body and also gives tips on how to make it as a lifestyle:

1. Breakfast can meet the required nutrients.
Delaying breakfast makes it difficult to obtain the intake of nutrients and vitamins that are recommended. Menu breakfast such as cereal with milk or low fat yogurt plus granules will provide enough calcium and fiber.

2. Breakfast can lose weight.
When you move with an empty stomach, your body will burn calories slower. According to nutrition expert author of The F-Factor Diet Tanya Zuckerbrot, RD, breakfast the morning after a night on an empty stomach can increase metabolism, which means burning calories throughout the day becomes more efficient.
But Zuckerbrot stressed that the key of all is the kind of food you consume. Foods containing simple carbohydrates such as donuts will make glucose increased, then decreased drastically. It also causes you to feel hungry at 11's.
A better way is to eat a type of complex carbohydrate such as oatmeal or whole grain bread. Foods with high fiber content and low in sugar will be digested slowly, providing constant energy and make you hungry faster.

3. Breakfast boost brainpower.
Research experts from the University of Wales Swansea prove that students are always breakfast recorded an average score of 22 per cent higher than peers who did not breakfast. When you wake up in the morning, most of the energy in the form of glucose and glycogen has been depleted by the activities of the previous day. According to experts, glucose is the only fuel needed brain. Without enough glucose, you feel tired and dizzy.

4. Protection against heart disease.
Research shows that healthy women who skipped breakfast for two weeks has the bad LDL cholesterol levels higher than those who ate a bowl of cereal plus milk in the morning.
Zuckerbrot explains, fiber to bind cholesterol before reaching the arteries. Hence also, 10-year study conducted at Harvard Nurses Health concluded that high fiber intake is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease to reach 50 percent.

Healthy breakfast tips:
1. Breakfast should contain at least 5 grams of fiber, one dish of calcium (equivalent to a glass of milk or yogurt) plus protein and fat. Limit your sugar intake to 6 grams (one teaspoon equals 4 grams).
2. If there is no breakfast at home, you can bring sandwiches and milk to be enjoyed on the trip or after arriving at work.
3. Eggs are a food that is relatively practical and easy to prepare. The content of nutrients in eggs of vitamins A, B2, B6, B12, iron, potassium, calcium, and other substances, our body is necessary.
4. So varied, we should eat fruit favorites to the needs of vitamins for the body. If there is time in the evening, blenderlah mixed fruit yogurt or milk and save it in the fridge to be consumed in the morning.
5. If you always do not feel hungry in the morning, Zuckerbrot recommends that you stop eating after 20:00 o'clock at night. In two or three weeks ahead, biological clock will change your appetite. Every morning wake up, you will feel hungry. (Kmp / dion)
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Mango pudding menus for dim sum

Mango pudding menus for dim sumMango pudding menus for dim sum

This is my favorite dessert: mango pudding. Pudding is perfect, silky smooth texture, rich flavors and refreshing.
A perfect way to end your dim sum feast.

like sup from fruit with coconut as dessert taste
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Jelly Almond menus dimsum sup

Jelly Almond menus dimsum supdimsum menu Jelly Almond menus dim sum sup.
This dessert is made from ordinary was found and a sweet Chinese almond. Sweetened almond milk extract and then heated with agar. Once cooled, the result is a pudding that tastes like sweet almond know.
look tender and great taste
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Lo Mai Gai menus dimsum rice

Lo Mai Gai menus dimsum riceLo Mai Gai menus dimsum rice
The translation is quite long: steamed glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf. This will be filled glutinous rice chicken or a variety of other vegetables, which will then be wrapped in lotus leaf and steamed. This dish is tasty and full of flavor, aroma of lotus leaves and chicken melts into glutinous rice. My favorite dim sum.
must have taste of rice make our stomach not hungry animore. :D
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Fung Jeow menus dim sum

Fung Jeow menus dim sum Fung Jeow menus dim sum
"Phoenix Tail" is the fancy name of this food, its lay name is a chicken claw. This chicken leg will first dry fried or boiled so bloated, then steamed and marinated in black bean sauce. The result is a dish of moist, tender and full of flavor, though contains many small bones.
look like ceker ayam, chicken food fried
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Fu Pi Quan

Fu Pi Quan menus dim sum
These foods like spring rolls, but the difference is, the outer layer of skin is made out. Just like spring rolls, there is a version of fried and boiled with various types of meat filling in it.
like sossis in menus indonesian food but more comfort and taste.
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Chun Juan menus dim sum meat

Chun Juan menus dim sum meat
this cake is not a typical dim sum dish, because it is easy for you find in various countries with different kinds.
Even so, the type of fried food you can find in dim sum restaurant is usually filled with all kinds of meat.
yummy delicious food.
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Jin Dui menus dim sum chinese food

Jin Dui menus dim sum chinese food
Jin Dui (Sesame Balls) is a ball-shaped fried bread coated with sesame seeds outward, so crispy and chewy. This bread is usually filled with lotus paste, red beans and black beans. But this modern age, Dui jin also filled chocolates and even durian.
look delicious. :D
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Dan Tat of dim sum menus

Dan Tat of dim sum menus chinese foodDan Tat of dim sum menus chinese food
And Tat (Egg Tart) is the Cantonese version of the egg tarts and custard filling that is popular in various parts of the world.
This cake was originally offered to compete with dim sum restaurants, but ironically this cake actually become part of the experience of eating dim sum. Many variations are available, including egg white tarts, milk tarts, tarts and tart honey-egg nests.
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Daikon & Taro cake dimsum menus

Daikon & Taro cake dimsum menusDaikon & Taro cake dimsum menus
This is another popular pair when ordering dim sum. Both of them look similar, usually cut squares and fried before serving. Crunchy on the outside, but soft on the inside. Cake made ​​of grated daikon radish and flour while Taro Cake is made from taro.
delicious food make our tongue have great taste.
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bao dimsum menu food

bao dimsum menu food
bao dimsum menu food
bak pao = Bao of the most popular type is char Siew bao, which means roast pork buns. This is a unique textured soft bread, which is filled Char Siew in the middle.
Char Siew is a grilled pork tenderloin gently until soft and sweet taste, which is fitted with soft bread on the outside. Although Char Siew Bao is a popular dim sum dish, I was not really like it. It was still tasty, but it's very filling. I prefer not to eat Char Siew bao so others can eat dim sum more.
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Cheong Fun - dimsum menu

Cheong Fun - dimsum menudelicious food Cheong Fun - dimsum menu
These foods form a thin rice noodle rolls filled with meat, vegetables and various other materials. Before serving, these rolls will be cut into several pieces and a spoonful of sauce to be poured on it.
This dish comes with various types of meat, such as shrimp, beef, char Siew, and youtiao (Chinese fried bread sticks), chicken or fish. My favorite is the Cheong Fun with youtiao, youtiao crispy fried noodles wrapped in thin will melt in the mouth thanks to a mixture of soy sauce.
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dim sum : Har Gau menu

delicious menus of dim sum : Har Gau menudim sum : Har Gau menu
I prefer to Har Gau (shrimp steamer) than Siew mai. Skin har gau - the thinner and transparent - wrap fresh shrimp and fat to form a pocket. Usually dipped in a mixture of soy sauce, rice vinegar and even a combination of mayonnaise and chili sauce.
This food is easy to be a favorite, so make sure you order enough so that each one could miss.
that must be have great taste.
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dim sum : Siew mai menu

dim sum : Siew mai menufood restouran dim sum : Siew mai menu
Har Gau (see picture below) and Siew mai (dumplings) are a combination of dim sum dishes are most popular. Many times eating dim sum, I always order both.
These are two of the first things to be ordered by my father when eating dim sum.
So when we think of eating anything else, we do it while chewing this delicious food. Siew mai native Cantonese are usually made ​​of pork and mushrooms, but now you can find various types Siew mai as you see fit.

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Knowing of dim sum menus NT4SBXGUR9DA

Knowing of dim sum menus NT4SBXGUR9DAKnowing of dim sum menus NT4SBXGUR9DA
A trip would not be complete without sampling the best local food at the destination. The continent of Asia offers many options, from street food in Hong Kong until the spicy dish in Sichuan. One that you must try is dim sum, traditional culinary arts of South China that taste has been captivating many people, especially in countries with a strong Chinese influence, such as in China (duh, of course), Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and so forth.
Dim sum
Dim sum (which is the real meaning: "touch the heart") is a choice of Chinese cuisine which consists of a variety of snacks. Usually served before noon, with tea enjoyed dim sum (yum cha), and so a large part of Asian cuisine. No wonder, you can find many restaurants serving dim sum all day. Dim sum is usually steamed, baked or fried, and served in a bamboo container. The following instructions will some of the popular dim sum dishes.
here the menus of dim sum : let see..
  1. Siew Mai
  2. Har Gau
  3. Cheong Fun
  4. Bao
  5. cake of Daikon & Taro
  6. Dan Tat
  7. Jin Dui
  8. Chun Juan
  9. Fu Pi Quan
  10. Fung Jeow
  11. Lo Mai Gai
  12. Jelly Almond
  13. Puding Mangga / mango pudding
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