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Benefits of Pineapple Fruit

Benefits of Pineapple FruitBenefits of Pineapple Fruit
Overview many people who do not like the fruit is much to tell you that it can pineapple menggurkan content, but despite that pineapple can also slimming , according to sources pineapple can reduce excessive overcome to reduce fat in human body. fat body initially slowly becomes thinner and slim. Therefore we need to know the benefits of pineapple fruit itse lf. Not just fruit whose skin was filled with this golden scale make the defense system becomes more resistant (solid).
The content of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, dextrose, sucrose, and stored and the enzyme bromelain pineapple is tough bullet that can strike serious diseases, such as tumors, atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries), and beri-beri diseases. Apparently pineapple potential of medicinal plants. According to Dr. Setiawan Dalimartha in his book entitled Atlas of Plant Medicines of Indonesia, an enzyme in pineapple bromeliain efficacious as anti-inflammatory to help soften the food in the stomach, disrupting the growth of cancer cells, and prevent the occurrence of blood clotting (blood coagulation).
Pineapple fiber is high enough, appropriate treatment of constipation. Eat pineapple, It means taking laxatives (constipation). The effect, which had a bowel movement faltered, became current. Pineapple is also good enough is consumed by people who in ill condition. In pineapple contained substances that can enhance drug absorption into the body. So for those who do not really like pineapple you can try a lot of benefit.
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benefits apple fruit for healthy

 benefits apple fruit for healthystudy cases : benefits apple fruit for healthy
who is not familiar with this fruit? The fruit is easily available because the sale is sold in various places the fruit. Various type and color of the apples are everywhere. Apples much preferred because it is typical. Based on the research, in just one apple is believed to have many beneficial properties for the body. What are the contents of the apple? And what benefits can be gained from an apple?
apple overcome many healthy problem and kill deaseas
Apples contain many vitamins, minerals and other elements such as fitokimian, fiber, tannins, baron, tartar acid, and others. These substances are very dipelukan for our bodies to prevent and combat various diseases. Henceforth, it will discuss what is contained on the apple? And what are the benefits of the apple?
Rich in vitamins. Apples are rich in vitamin content. Some vitamins are found in apples such as vitamins A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, vitamin C.
Rich minerals. Apples contain many minerals. Minerals in apple fruit such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc.
Phytochemical. Apples also contain phytochemicals. Is an antioxidant phytochemical. Also be able to fight free radicals that come from pollution or the environment. This substance also serves to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL), which can cause blockage of blood vessels.
Fiber. Apples are rich in fiber, so good for people who are in a diet program. This is because the high fiber, thus avoiding hungry come early.
Fiber to reduce fat and cholesterol. Apples contain fiber that binds fat and useless bad cholesterol in the body for later disposal.
Tannins. Apples also contain tannins. Tannin is a substance that serves to clean and freshen the mouth, thereby preventing tooth decay and gum disease.
Baron. Inside there is an apple baron. Did baron's? Baron serves to maintain the amount of estrogen in the body of a woman.
Flavoid. One of the content of the apples are good for menjegah flavoid disease. Flavoid is a substance that serves lower cancer risk.
D-glucaric acid. Is D-glucaric acid that? D-glucaric acid is a substance that can lower cholesterol levels. D-glucaric acid is also present in apple fruit.
Quercetin. Quercetin are substance that is needed to raise levels of antioxidants that the body feels healthier and prevent various diseases. Apples contain quercetin.
Tartar acid. Inside there is also a sour apple tartar. Tartar acid that can nourish the digestive tract, because these substances are capable of killing bacteria in the digestive tract.
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healthy fruit - benefit noni fruit - mengkudu

healthy fruit - benefit noni fruit - mengkudu fruithealthy fruit - benefit noni fruit - mengkudu fruit
Originated from wild plants, ugly and smelled rotten, noni are now rising prestige of the food, beverage and alternative herbal medicine. Not delicacy of taste, but because of the many benefits for health.
According to Pacific Journal of Science (1949), noni (Morinda citrifolia L) probably originated from Indonesia. Plants are also known as Pace or noni fruit, the shape of a pear. Green when young and yellowish-white change if begin to mature. Other traits, the fruit skin surface nod and eyes filled with blackish brown, very sour taste with a distinctive aroma is very sharp when the old and mature. Not unexpectedly, the plant is known as wild plants, ugly and foul-smelling, now changed into a fruit "miraculous" that many in the search. The popularity of noni research is inseparable from several studies. The result was unexpected, substances contained in the noni is very beneficial for the health aspect.
Benefits of noni fruit has been known to humans since 2000 years ago. Polynesian islanders, Chinese and Indians who first take advantage of special features. Furthermore, this knowledge spread to Australia, Tahiti, Canada, Malaysia and finally to Indonesia.
In Indonesia, especially in rural communities has actually been taking noni long ago. Javanese people familiar with the duck salad which one is the fruit of this material, while the young leaves of some people to process the material to be eaten raw as a vegetable or fresh vegetables. Only in the 1990s noni more widely known. The popularity of noni success can not be separated from the Bogor Institute of Food Business Review (LPBP), an institute researcher who examined the first Indonesian to human health benefits of noni.
Compounds containing efficacious medicine
If you want to get the maximum benefits of the noni fruit, the consumption of fruit that are old or mature, more mature research results show the beneficial substances that are growing. Among the content of anthraquinone compounds as anti-bacteria and fungi, turpentine rejuvenate the body cells to function, dammacanthel that can prevent cancer cell growth and fight the growth of abnormal cells in the pre-stage cancer. Fruit water content within this 52% also store a variety of vitamins, including ascorbic acid, acid kaproat, kaprik acid and caprylic acid which can ward off cancer-causing free radicals.
The popularity of noni are now growing worldwide, especially after Dr. Solomon Heil doing therapy to 8000 patients. The results were very encouraging, giving noni juice provides a continuous positive correlation to cure cancer, heart disease, control hypertension, digestive disorders, diabetes and stroke. Besides noni juice is also believed to increase endurance and stamina and help cure tuberculosis (TB). Noni is also rich in fiber is good for digestive tract health. The many benefits of noni owned, so worthy that the scientists dubbed it as the Magic Fruit aka the magical fruit.
Noni Product Range
Many people are not like the smell of noni as stinking and sour taste. Do not worry, this time a variety of products like noni many outstanding results in the market. Starting from a wide taste of noni juice, noni tablets until the form of capsules we can easily get. Even not only that, body care products and cosmetics such as shampoo, soap, body lotion etc are also using mulberry raw materials.
Create you who like to consume fresh noni, the following tips can help reduce the unpleasant smell of noni and sour taste. Combine juice / noni juice that has been filtered, with brown sugar or honey. Store in the place clean, cool and sealed for 2-4 days, and then ready to drink juice without the stinging stench becomes sweet and fresh taste. This storage process will parse the ascorbic acid, and kaprik kaproat causes stink. But keep in mind, do not store it too long because it will cause the formation of an alcohol compound a drunk.
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healthy food - dragon fruit benefits

healthy food - dragon fruit benefitshealthy food - dragon fruit benefits

Dragon fruit has a beneficial properties for human health such as balancing blood sugar levels, protecting oral health, prevention of colon cancer, reduce cholesterol, preventing bleeding and treating complaints whitish.
Dragon fruit is usually consumed as fresh fruit as relievers thirst, because the dragon fruits contain high water content of about 90% of the weight of the fruit. It was pretty sweet because they contain sugar content reaches 13-18 briks. Dragon fruit can also be expressed in the form of juice, fruit juice, jam or candied maupu various forms of presentation according to your tastes.
In general, experts agree and acknowledge the dragon fruit is rich in potassium, ferum, protein, fiber, sodium and calcium is good for kesihatan versus other fruits that are imported.
According to Leong from Johncola Pitaya AL Food R & D, an organization that examines the red dragon fruit, cactus fruit is quite rich honey with a variety of vitamins and mineral substances which help increase endurance and beneficial for metabolism in the human body.
"Research shows the red dragon fruit is excellent for the circulatory system, also gives the effect of reducing the emotional pressures and neutralize the toxic in the blood." Research also shows this fruit can prevent colon cancer, in addition to preventing high cholesterol content in blood and lower the fat content in body, "he said.
Overall, each of the red dragon fruit womb protein can increase metabolism and maintain cardiovascular health; fiber (to prevent colon cancer, diabetes and diet); carotene (eye health, strengthen the brain and prevent the entry of disease), calcium (bone strengthening).
Pitaya womb also add iron to the blood, vitamin B1 (preventing fever entity); vitamin B2 (add to taste), vitamin B3 (lower cholesterol) and vitamin C (increase slipperiness, smoothness of skin and prevent acne).

Here is a complete nutritional dragon fruit:
Sugar content : 13-18 briks
Water : 90%
Carbohydrates : 11.5 g
Acid : 0.139 g
Protein : 0.53 g
Fiber : 0.71 g
Calcium : 134.5 mg
Phosphorus : 8.7 mg
Magnesium : 60.4 mg
Vitamin C : 9.4 mg
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healthy fruit - Banana Benefits for human

Banana Benefits for human healthBanana Benefits for human health
Who is not familiar with bananas, FRUIT - HEALTHY FOOD- the Banana is known as one super food for athletes and health experts. Content in sugar bananas there are three natural, sucrose, fructose and glucose as well as fiber that gives energy to the combustion energy over 90 minutes nonstop.
But, 'contributor' energy is not the only benefits of bananas. according to health analitic. This type of tropical fruit to help overcome and prevent some kinds of diseases and health problems in naturally by the body. Therefore necessary to supplement the daily diet. This is a healthy tips as well.

1. Anemia
Bananas are high in iron, which stimulates the production of hemoglobin in the blood and helps overcome the anemia.

2. High Blood Pressure
Tropical Fruit contains a high potassium but low in salt, so perfect to prevent and reduce high blood pressure. U.S. Food and Drug Agency (FDA) allows manufacturers to claim the banana fruit lowered blood pressure and stroke risk.

3.rise the concentration
Learning abilities of students who ate bananas at breakfast and lunch are energized by a high calcium content in bananas. Calcium helps enhance Consentrations functioning and alertness.

4. Constipation
High in fiber which helps normalize digestion and helps to overcome constipation without laxatives drugs.

5. Depression
Depression sufferers feel better after eating a banana. Because, bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that converted into serotonin in the body to give a sense of relaxation, improve mood and make happy.

6. Hangovers
The easiest way to treat pain and nausea caused by drunk is a banana milkshake mixed with honey. Banana and honey soothe stomach to increase return of blood sugar.

7. Heart Disease
Bananas have a natural antacid effect so that if feels like heart burn, eating bananas will ease the pain. Eating bananas regularly can reduce stroke risk by 40 percent.

8. Morning Sickness (sickness in pregnant women)
Snacking on bananas between meals helps keep blood sugar levels big and prevent morning sickness in pregnant women.

9. Mosquito bites
Before using the anti-insect bite cream, try rubbing the affected mosquito bites with the inside of banana peel. This will reduce swelling and irritation.

10th. Nerve
Bananas are high in B vitamins that help calm the nervous system and reduce stress with potasiumnya content.

11. PMS (painful menstruation)
Vitamin B6 in bananas to control blood glucose levels, which can affect your mood before menstruation.

12. Smoke
Bananas can also help people trying to quit smoking. Levels of vitamins C, A, B6, and B12 they contain, along with potassium and magnesium, helps the body recover from the toxic effects of nicotine.

13. Controlling body temperature
Banana serve as food 'cooling' that improves the physical and emotional condition of the mother. Bananas can lower the temperature in the womb and help babies born with a body temperature is not high.

14. Gastritis and intestinal injuries
Banana prevent ulcers and wounds caused by intestinal disorders because of the soft combine, Bananas are the only foods that help overcome the over-chronic ulcer and neutralize the irritation of the stomach.

15. Drug Warts
Banana is a natural remedy for removing warts. Place the banana skin on the inside of warts and duct tape.
and many more TIP from proffesional - health case study of the usefulness of bananas that have not been in the writing here.
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no risk of prostate cancer from drinking coffee

no risk of prostate cancer from drinking coffee
Tip From proffesional - drink coffe vs prostate prostate cancer risk
no risk of prostate cancer from drinking coffee

Coffee lovers need not worry anymore annoying hobby sipped his prostate health. Reports of recent studies show no link between coffee with prostate cancer risk.
In an analysis of dozens of studies on coffee habits and risk of prostate cancer, the researchers concluded not find strong enough evidence of coffee with the disease so that the specter of men.
Previously, several studies suggest an association between coffee drinking habits with some cancers, although there are some studies that mention the coffee actually reduces the risk of cancer. In a study published last month for example, found that coffee reduces the risk of cancer in the head and neck.
Meanwhile, studies on coffee and prostate cancer did not show a convincing conclusion. Because there are studies showing the link, but there are also studies that say drinking coffee does not affect the appearance of prostate cancer.
In the analysis of studies conducted in South Korea this adari team mentioned that so far found no firm evidence. In fact, caffeine in the KPI has positive and negative effects on cancer risk. In the study of animal experiments it was found caffeine actually suppress tumor growth.
Instead of braking coffee habit, experts recommended ways to reduce your risk of this disease. Among others, lowering cholesterol, reducing fat intake, multiply the vegetables, and limiting alcohol.
source :
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how to Play roulette in game online casino

how to Play roulette in game online casino
Roulette is a most popular game online casinos today. Play roulette does not require knowledge of mathematics or intense roulette strategy. It is a social game that makes happy and might be useful.
before the bet, we should find ways to play roulette, we need to optimize our bankroll and the enjoyment of the game. we can learn tips and tricks on the internet. many web or blog is write about this. you can visite roulette at dmoz .
Roulette Tricks victory is = how place your bets
as a simple gambling of roulette, roulette online is betting offers some surprising choices. Of course, the easiest is to choose a number between one and thirty-six. This is known as a bet "straight". we must understand and rely on our luck.
how we can bet is on as many numbers you want on every lap. For example, if you have two dogs, aged ten months, two and ten, we can bet on all the numbers in the same amount or nothing depending on our mood. Unlike dice, every bet instantly have the same opportunities (one thirty-six possibilities) and 35-1 have the same payments on spin roulette success.
If less felt less confident about the numbers "our luck" and want to use the roulette strategy is good and right, we could have some tricks other options.
One of the best roulette online strategy is to place a set betting, known as the "outside" the contract; bets are placed "outside" the box of thirty-six numbers. options with a combination of color "red or black" and remember that often figures out. and studied it carefully. and cautious in the game with a study it first.
so we must learn, read the rules on working systems online roulette game so that we do not experience adverse defeat. experience is the best teacher. and enjoy the game.

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Eat Fish Every Week can reduce loss of visibility due to a decrease of age-related macular

Eat Fish Every Week can reduce loss of visibility due to a  decrease of age-related macularEat Fish Every Week can reduce loss of visibility due to a decrease of age-related macular

Adults who are elderly and eat fatty fish at least once a week may have a lower risk for experiencing serious loss of visibility due to a decrease of age-related macular, according to a study in the U.S..
Studies by several researchers at John Hopkins University in Baltimore did not prove that eating fish reduces the risk of esophageal phase of continued decline in age-related macular, or AMD.
But researchers Bonnielin K. Swenor said the findings add to evidence from previous studies that show people who eat fish tend to have a lower risk of AMD compared with people who do not often eat fish.
The study, reported in the journal Ophthalmology at the address (, also supports the theory that omega-3 fatty acids - most commonly found in oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna, Albacore - may influence the development or progress of AMD.
"Although current research shows that foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of decline in age-related macular in some elderly patients, further studies remain necessary," said Swenor told Reuters Health.
For the study, Swenor and colleagues analyzed data from 2520 adults aged 65 to 84 years who underwent eye examinations and completed questionnaires about their diet in detail.
As many as 15 percent found to have an early or middle stage of AMD, while only less than 3 percent have advanced stage disease AMD.
That study participants who ate fish one or more times like that every week had 60 percent lower risk for having advanced AMD compared with those who rarely ate fish every week on average.
Overall, the researchers found no clear link between the participants who reported eating fish and the risk of AMD, but there was a correlation between the consumption of more fish rich in omega-3 and the possibility of advanced AMD.
AMD is caused by growth of abnormal blood vessels behind the retina or the outbreak of the cells that are sensitive to light - both of which can result in serious visual disturbances.
There is no cure for AMD, but a specific treatment may prevent or delay the serious loss of visibility.
One clinical trial found that the U.S. administration of high doses of a mixture of specific anti-oxidants - vitamin C and E, beta-caroten and zinc - could slow the progression of AMD who are at intermediate stages, and doctors can now jointly prescribe vitamin mixture for such patients.
Do fish or omega-3 intake can stop the development of AMD is unclear but the follow-up for U.S. trials of anti-oxidants are now studying whether to add fish oil and antioxidants lutein, zeaxanthin in supplements dna genuine additional benefits.
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