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best recipe of International Menus of Istanbul

best recipe of International Menus of Istanbul
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best recipe of International Menus of Istanbul
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best price promo book Mystery of Meal Planning

promo book Mystery of Meal Planning, the best ebook og cooking in usa
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  • Published on: 1980
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big promo - Good Eating - Recipes From Mikes Place, Volume 2

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No Gerbils were harmed in making this book! Contains no preservatives or additives, just recipes for good food. Yes, there is cake! And pie, cookies, and many other good things, too. Take control of what you eat without giving up any of the taste. No hidden fats, soybean extender, or salt. No one will ask you if "you want fries with that?" Preparing good food isn't hard, and this book shows you how. Almost 400 Amish, Cuban, Egyptian, English, Indian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Cal-Mex, Kansas-German, Jewish, Portuguese, and American Recipes. Whether it's low carb or sugary goodness you seek, you'll find it here. Formatted especially for your e-reader, this book will give you endless hours of good eating.

Product Details

  • Published on: 2011-10-15
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 228 pages
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2nd FDA Warning : Georgia Kellogg must clean up cookie plant

2nd FDA Warning : Georgia Kellogg must clean up cookie plant
2nd FDA Warning : Georgia Kellogg must clean up cookie plant
The Food and Drug Administration warned Kellogg Co. about bacteria and substandard production procedures at a food manufacturing plant in Augusta, Ga., a setback for the food company that has tried to mend a supply chain that has faced several major recalls recently.
In a letter posted to its website on Tuesday, the FDA said it found listeria in the facility, including on "food contact" surfaces. While the FDA warned that items like cookies may not support the growth of listeria, the FDA cautioned that the lack of sanitation may allow for food to become "contaminated with filth."
The Food and Drug Administration found traces of listeria at a Kellogg Co. bakery in Augusta, Ga., during an inspection earlier this year.
In a letter released Tuesday, regulators say that the pathogen was found in several spots along the production line that comes in direct contact with food. The FDA also noted other problems at the plant such as insects near areas where food is located.
Kellogg said it has undertaken a number of aggressive actions to address the concerns and is confident in the safety of its food.
The company, based in Battle Creek, Mich., makes a variety of Keebler and Famous Amos cookies at the Augusta plant.
Eggo Production
Kellogg’s cookies are baked at a temperature high enough to kill any listeria present, according to Robert Gravani, a food science professor at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. The lack of an FDA product recall suggests that listeria was not found in the cookies, he said. FDA spokeswoman Tamara Ward declined to comment on a potential recall.
Listeria is a bacterium found in prepared foods and soil that can cause a serious infection in humans called listeriosis. It is particularly harmful to pregnant women, the young, the elderly, and people with weak immune systems, according to the FDA’s website.
Kellogg, the largest U.S. maker of breakfast cereals, fell 45 cents to $54.96 at 4 p.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading. The shares have gained 7.6 percent this year.
The agency didn’t find the pathogen in any Kellogg foods, but on and around conveyor belts in the production line. The agency said:
“We note that although your finished product cookies may not support the growth of L. monocytogenes, the positive environmental swabs are indicators of insanitary conditions in your facility and demonstrate a failure of cleaning and sanitation operations that may allow for contamination of foods with filth or pathogens.”
Speaking of filth in the factory, the agency also took issue with pooling water that was observed dripping into an open mixer bowl and flies swarming near food mixers.
This isn’t the first time listeria and Kellogg have been in headlines. Inspectors found the food-poisoning organism in 2009 in a Kellogg plant in Atlanta, Ga., prompted by contaminated Eggo buttermilk waffles—the FDA sent Kellogg a warning letter back then too.
FDA said it would determine at its next inspection whether the steps taken by Kellogg are sufficient. In the meantime, FDA gave the company 15 working days to respond to the warning letter with documentation.
"We have undertaken a number of aggressive action to address their (FDA) concerns, including compressive cleaning and extensive testing, and have confidence in the safety of our food," said Kris Charles, Kellogg spokeswoman.
Listeria can be very difficult to eradicate once the pathogen becomes takes hold inside a food plant. Maple Leaf Foods in Toronto found that out three years ago when its failure to eradicate Listeria led to a nationwide outbreak linked to deli meats that killed 22 mostly elderly Canadians.
Two years ago, local development authorities in Georgia provided $30 million in tax-exempt bond financing for improvements at the Kellogg's facility in Augusta. The Battle Creek, MI-based company also made fairly recent investments in $5 million worth of equipment relocated to the former Murray's Biscuits plant.
Kellogg Company sales totaled more than $12 billion last year. It has manufacturing facilities in 18 countries and markets products in more than 180 counties. Problems at some of its U.S. plants last year led to a shortage of its popular Eggo frozen waffles and several popular cereals had to be recalled over packaging problems.
source :
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today USA pesticide-contaminated fruit is apples

Today USA pesticide-contaminated fruit is apples
this day : USA pesticide-contaminated fruit is apples
In the vast majority of cases, residues of the 48 different pesticides the USDA found in its sampling of apples—the nation's most widely consumed fresh fruit after bananas—were within amounts that federal regulators consider safe to eat.
Environmental Working Group has released the seventh edition of its Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce with updated information on 53 fruits and vegetables and their total pesticide loads. EWG highlights the worst offenders with its “Dirty Dozen” list and the cleanest conventional produce with its “Clean 15” list.
Analysts at EWG synthesized data collected from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration from 2000 to 2009. Produce is ranked based on a composite score, equally weighing six factors that reflect how many pesticides was found in testing of on each type of the produce and at what levels. Most samples are washed and peeled prior to being tested, so the rankings reflect the amounts of the chemicals likely present on the food when is it eaten.
Notable changes in the new guide included apples’ rank as the most contaminated produce, jumping three spots from last year to replace celery at the top of the “Dirty Dozen” list. According to USDA, pesticides showed up on 98 percent of the more than 700 apple samples tested.
Its seventh annual report analyzed government data on 53 fruits and vegetables, identifying which have the most and least pesticides after washing and peeling. For produce found to be highest in pesticides, the group recommends buying organic.
Apples moved up three spots from last year, replacing celery at the top of the most-contaminated list; 92% of apples contained two or more pesticides.
"We think what's happening to apples is more pesticides and fungicides are being applied after the harvest so the fruit can have a longer shelf life," says EWG analyst Sonya Lunder. "Pesticides might be in small amounts, but we don't know what the subtle, long-term effects of many of these pesticides are yet."
The worst offenders also include strawberries (No. 3) and imported grapes (No. 7). Onions top the "clean" list, found to be lowest in pesticides.
By choosing five servings of fruit and vegetables a day from the clean list, most people can lower the volume of pesticides they consume daily by 92%, the report says.

"Consumers don't want pesticides on their foods," says EWG president Ken Cook. "We eat plenty of apples in our house, but we buy organic when we can."
Rankings reflect the amounts of chemicals present on food when it is eaten. Most samples were washed and peeled before testing. Washing with a "produce wash" is unlikely to help remove pesticides because they're taken up by the entire plant and reside on more than just the skin, the report says.
For shoppers who cannot afford organic food, which often is more expensive, Cook says the lists offer alternatives. Can't find organic apples? Buy pineapples, the top fruit on the clean list, or avocados or mangoes.
Fewer than 10% of pineapple, mango and avocado samples showed pesticides. For vegetables, asparagus, corn and onions had no detectable residue on 90% or more of samples.
Pesticides are known to be toxic to the nervous system, cause cancer, disrupt hormones and cause brain damage in children. Pregnant women are advised to avoid foods containing pesticides.
A study by Harvard School of Public Health found children exposed to pesticides had a higher risk of developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Lunder says pesticides were measured in six different ways to calculate overall scores:
  1. the percentage of samples tested with detectable pesticides.
  2. the percentage of samples with two or more pesticides.
  3. the Average number of pesticides found on a single sample.
  4. the Average amount (level in parts per million) of all pesticides found.
  5. the Maximum number of pesticides found on a single sample.
  6. the Total number of pesticides found on the commodity.
Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables from the "dirty dozen" list would mean you'd get an average of 14 different pesticides. By choosing five from the clean list, you'd consumer fewer than two pesticides.
"With the increased emphasis on eating more fruits and vegetables, we need to be vigilant about the food we're producing and serving," Lunder says.

While the amount of pesticide on any individual piece of produce might not pose a risk, the group advocates buying organic versions of the fruits and vegetables that pose the highest risks.
"Though buying organic is always the best choice, we know that sometimes people do not have access to that produce or cannot afford it," said Ken Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group, in a news release. "Our guide helps consumers concerned about pesticides to make better choices among conventional produce, and lets them know which fruits and vegetables they may want to buy organic."
An official with the Michigan apple industry said that the vast majority of produce tested by the federal government falls within levels considered safe for pesticide residues.
"Just because you can find trace amounts doesn't mean it's unhealthful," said Denise Donohue, executive director of the Michigan Apple Committee. "You can detect miniscule amounts of almost anything."
Michigan is the nation's third-largest producer of apples, which support a $700 million industry.
Michigan's wet climate doesn't allow for any significant amount of organic apple farming, Donohue said. Almost all of those grown organically are processed.
The environmental group and agricultural and dietary groups all agree that no matter the risk of trace amounts of pesticides, it's far better to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables than to stop eating them.
Pesticides in unhealthy amounts have been linked to brain and nervous system toxicity, cancer, hormone disruption and skin, eye and lung irritation, according to the environmental group.

source : From The Detroit News: http://detnews.com/article/20110613/LIFESTYLE05/106130419/Apples-top-list-of-produce-with-most-pesticide-residue#ixzz1PKAeRtJI
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Friday, May 6, 2011

javanese delicious food Pekalongan Soto (Taoto)

javanese delicious food Pekalongan Soto (Taoto)
Material of Pekalongan Soto (Taoto) javanese delicious food
  1. 500 g beef brisket
  2. bay
  3. red onion leaf, sliced ​​crosswise tipis2.
  4. lemongrass leaves
  5. tauco 2 tablespoons

Spices recipes
  1. 250 gr large red chilies, boiled 5 minutes for a nice red color
  2. 10 grains of red bawng
  3. 5 cloves garlic
  4. 5 cm ginger kurleb
  5. the laos (galangal)
  6. the kurleb 3 cm turmeric
the more Supplementary materials foods
  1. Lontong rice sliced ​​crosswise
  2. 1 piece of potato boiled, then in half-circle thick slices
  3. Belinjo fried crackers (this must exist)
  4. Celery, finely sliced​​. for topping
  5. Fried red onion, for topping
  6. Lemons fruit
  7. Sprouts, flush hot water for a while, for topping
  8. Sambal / chili spice soto.
How to make Pekalongan Soto
  • Boil the meat along with laos, bay leaves,
  • Lift the meat is already cooked, sliced ​​tipis2. and enter again into the cooking water was
  • Puree onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric, together with a large red chili stew.
  • Saute the spice fine until fragrant.
  • Add tauco in stir
  • Add sliced ​​leaves red onions , continue sautéing briefly.
  • Enter ingredients stir into stew meat, boiled again untill spices to infuse.
  • Serve with supplementary materials and sprinkles.
source : http://www.recipeeasy.info/2011/05/soto-pekalongan-taoto.html
the taste of this food is famous in all java
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delicious food the bacem chicken jogja's

delicious food the bacem chicken jogjathe delicious recipe food the bacem chicken jogja's
bacem chicken jogja's MATERIALS
  1. 1,000 ml of coconut waters
  2. 1 chicken cut into 12 pieces / to taste
  3. 50 grams brown sugar
  4. 3 eyes acid
  5. 5 tablespoons soy sauce
  6. salt to taste
  7. skewer

food Spices:
  1. 1 teaspoon coriander, toasted
  2. 5 eggs pecans, toasted
  3. 4 cloves garlic
  4. 8 cloves shallots
how to make delicious food jogja bacem chicken :
Boil chicken with coconut milk, palm sugar, tamarind, soy sauce, salt, and spices.
Lower the heat. Cook until the gravy dries up. Remove and let cool then. the delicious jogja bacem chicken is ready to serve.
source :
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Friday, April 29, 2011

red chili peppers benefits

red chili peppers benefitsred chili peppers benefits.
this tips for overcome a weight with chili.

Chili, we knew him as a vegetable that has a spicy taste. Besides functioning enrich flavor in cooking, eating meals with a mixture of chili in it, it also can help overcome a weight problem.
Recent research shows, hot pepper potent to suppress one's appetite.
But new research shows, the effect will be more optimal if the chili is not too often be eaten.
Red chili or cayenne pepper is a type of chili that is larger than cayenne pepper, red and touted the most widely consumed throughout the world. Other names are Guinea spice, Pepper Cow Horn, aleva or bird pepper.
Like other types of chili at large, red peppers also contain capsaicin which is a compound that gives spicy taste. Various studies prove, capsaicin is good for dieting because it can suppress appetite and increase calorie burning.
Provision of capsaicin capsules in several scientific studies participants showed a satisfactory effect. Likewise, when testing is done by the original chili, benefits administration capcaisin as effective in extract form a capsule inserted.
Recently, research at Purdue University in Indiana revealed a more effective way to get the benefits of capsaicin in red chili. The study involved 25 participants, consisting of 13 people fans of chili and 12 people who are not fond of spicy.
Researchers did not determine how much original red chili (not extract capsaicin) that must be consumed, participants may take their own will. Enthusiasts sambal average took 1.8 grams while that is not fond of spicy average only 0.3 grams.
In general, all participants were asked to consume red peppers are equally benefited. The body becomes warm, decreased appetite, especially on salty and fatty foods, as well as burning calories more efficiently.chili peppers benefits
But seen from the amount of chili consumed, participants who are not fond of eating hot pepper sauce a little more. This means that in smaller doses, capsaicin effects are even more optimal to people who are not accustomed to eating hot peppers.
"There are differences in changes in appetite responses differ between the two groups. This shows, the effect is greater in people who are not accustomed to eating chili," said Prof. Richard Mattes in a report published in the journal Physiology & Behavior, as quoted from Dailymail.
source : http://www.lienaaifen.com/kesehatan/makan-cabai-merah-bisa-turunkan-berat-badan/
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lifestyle tips of eating breakfast is important

eating breakfast is importanteating breakfast is important
Most of us always start the day with an empty stomach. Some argue do not have enough time for breakfast, some are thinking that the habit of eating breakfast will only make the body fat.
But you know, a research at Harvard University in the U.S. showed that people who regularly eat breakfast have a tendency to 50 percent were not overweight than those who skip breakfast.
Well, so you better understand the benefits, the following is an explanation of why breakfast is good for the body and also gives tips on how to make it as a lifestyle:

1. Breakfast can meet the required nutrients.
Delaying breakfast makes it difficult to obtain the intake of nutrients and vitamins that are recommended. Menu breakfast such as cereal with milk or low fat yogurt plus granules will provide enough calcium and fiber.

2. Breakfast can lose weight.
When you move with an empty stomach, your body will burn calories slower. According to nutrition expert author of The F-Factor Diet Tanya Zuckerbrot, RD, breakfast the morning after a night on an empty stomach can increase metabolism, which means burning calories throughout the day becomes more efficient.
But Zuckerbrot stressed that the key of all is the kind of food you consume. Foods containing simple carbohydrates such as donuts will make glucose increased, then decreased drastically. It also causes you to feel hungry at 11's.
A better way is to eat a type of complex carbohydrate such as oatmeal or whole grain bread. Foods with high fiber content and low in sugar will be digested slowly, providing constant energy and make you hungry faster.

3. Breakfast boost brainpower.
Research experts from the University of Wales Swansea prove that students are always breakfast recorded an average score of 22 per cent higher than peers who did not breakfast. When you wake up in the morning, most of the energy in the form of glucose and glycogen has been depleted by the activities of the previous day. According to experts, glucose is the only fuel needed brain. Without enough glucose, you feel tired and dizzy.

4. Protection against heart disease.
Research shows that healthy women who skipped breakfast for two weeks has the bad LDL cholesterol levels higher than those who ate a bowl of cereal plus milk in the morning.
Zuckerbrot explains, fiber to bind cholesterol before reaching the arteries. Hence also, 10-year study conducted at Harvard Nurses Health concluded that high fiber intake is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease to reach 50 percent.

Healthy breakfast tips:
1. Breakfast should contain at least 5 grams of fiber, one dish of calcium (equivalent to a glass of milk or yogurt) plus protein and fat. Limit your sugar intake to 6 grams (one teaspoon equals 4 grams).
2. If there is no breakfast at home, you can bring sandwiches and milk to be enjoyed on the trip or after arriving at work.
3. Eggs are a food that is relatively practical and easy to prepare. The content of nutrients in eggs of vitamins A, B2, B6, B12, iron, potassium, calcium, and other substances, our body is necessary.
4. So varied, we should eat fruit favorites to the needs of vitamins for the body. If there is time in the evening, blenderlah mixed fruit yogurt or milk and save it in the fridge to be consumed in the morning.
5. If you always do not feel hungry in the morning, Zuckerbrot recommends that you stop eating after 20:00 o'clock at night. In two or three weeks ahead, biological clock will change your appetite. Every morning wake up, you will feel hungry. (Kmp / dion)
source : http://esq-news.com/kesehatan/2011/04/20/pentingnya-sebuah-sarapan.html
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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mango pudding menus for dim sum

Mango pudding menus for dim sumMango pudding menus for dim sum

This is my favorite dessert: mango pudding. Pudding is perfect, silky smooth texture, rich flavors and refreshing.
A perfect way to end your dim sum feast.

like sup from fruit with coconut as dessert taste
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Jelly Almond menus dimsum sup

Jelly Almond menus dimsum supdimsum menu Jelly Almond menus dim sum sup.
This dessert is made from ordinary was found and a sweet Chinese almond. Sweetened almond milk extract and then heated with agar. Once cooled, the result is a pudding that tastes like sweet almond know.
look tender and great taste
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Lo Mai Gai menus dimsum rice

Lo Mai Gai menus dimsum riceLo Mai Gai menus dimsum rice
The translation is quite long: steamed glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf. This will be filled glutinous rice chicken or a variety of other vegetables, which will then be wrapped in lotus leaf and steamed. This dish is tasty and full of flavor, aroma of lotus leaves and chicken melts into glutinous rice. My favorite dim sum.
must have taste of rice make our stomach not hungry animore. :D
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Fung Jeow menus dim sum

Fung Jeow menus dim sum Fung Jeow menus dim sum
"Phoenix Tail" is the fancy name of this food, its lay name is a chicken claw. This chicken leg will first dry fried or boiled so bloated, then steamed and marinated in black bean sauce. The result is a dish of moist, tender and full of flavor, though contains many small bones.
look like ceker ayam, chicken food fried
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Fu Pi Quan

Fu Pi Quan menus dim sum
These foods like spring rolls, but the difference is, the outer layer of skin is made out. Just like spring rolls, there is a version of fried and boiled with various types of meat filling in it.
like sossis in menus indonesian food but more comfort and taste.
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Chun Juan menus dim sum meat

Chun Juan menus dim sum meat
this cake is not a typical dim sum dish, because it is easy for you find in various countries with different kinds.
Even so, the type of fried food you can find in dim sum restaurant is usually filled with all kinds of meat.
yummy delicious food.
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Jin Dui menus dim sum chinese food

Jin Dui menus dim sum chinese food
Jin Dui (Sesame Balls) is a ball-shaped fried bread coated with sesame seeds outward, so crispy and chewy. This bread is usually filled with lotus paste, red beans and black beans. But this modern age, Dui jin also filled chocolates and even durian.
look delicious. :D
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Dan Tat of dim sum menus

Dan Tat of dim sum menus chinese foodDan Tat of dim sum menus chinese food
And Tat (Egg Tart) is the Cantonese version of the egg tarts and custard filling that is popular in various parts of the world.
This cake was originally offered to compete with dim sum restaurants, but ironically this cake actually become part of the experience of eating dim sum. Many variations are available, including egg white tarts, milk tarts, tarts and tart honey-egg nests.
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Daikon & Taro cake dimsum menus

Daikon & Taro cake dimsum menusDaikon & Taro cake dimsum menus
This is another popular pair when ordering dim sum. Both of them look similar, usually cut squares and fried before serving. Crunchy on the outside, but soft on the inside. Cake made ​​of grated daikon radish and flour while Taro Cake is made from taro.
delicious food make our tongue have great taste.
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bao dimsum menu food

bao dimsum menu food
bao dimsum menu food
bak pao = Bao of the most popular type is char Siew bao, which means roast pork buns. This is a unique textured soft bread, which is filled Char Siew in the middle.
Char Siew is a grilled pork tenderloin gently until soft and sweet taste, which is fitted with soft bread on the outside. Although Char Siew Bao is a popular dim sum dish, I was not really like it. It was still tasty, but it's very filling. I prefer not to eat Char Siew bao so others can eat dim sum more.
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Cheong Fun - dimsum menu

Cheong Fun - dimsum menudelicious food Cheong Fun - dimsum menu
These foods form a thin rice noodle rolls filled with meat, vegetables and various other materials. Before serving, these rolls will be cut into several pieces and a spoonful of sauce to be poured on it.
This dish comes with various types of meat, such as shrimp, beef, char Siew, and youtiao (Chinese fried bread sticks), chicken or fish. My favorite is the Cheong Fun with youtiao, youtiao crispy fried noodles wrapped in thin will melt in the mouth thanks to a mixture of soy sauce.
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dim sum : Har Gau menu

delicious menus of dim sum : Har Gau menudim sum : Har Gau menu
I prefer to Har Gau (shrimp steamer) than Siew mai. Skin har gau - the thinner and transparent - wrap fresh shrimp and fat to form a pocket. Usually dipped in a mixture of soy sauce, rice vinegar and even a combination of mayonnaise and chili sauce.
This food is easy to be a favorite, so make sure you order enough so that each one could miss.
that must be have great taste.
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dim sum : Siew mai menu

dim sum : Siew mai menufood restouran dim sum : Siew mai menu
Har Gau (see picture below) and Siew mai (dumplings) are a combination of dim sum dishes are most popular. Many times eating dim sum, I always order both.
These are two of the first things to be ordered by my father when eating dim sum.
So when we think of eating anything else, we do it while chewing this delicious food. Siew mai native Cantonese are usually made ​​of pork and mushrooms, but now you can find various types Siew mai as you see fit.

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Knowing of dim sum menus NT4SBXGUR9DA

Knowing of dim sum menus NT4SBXGUR9DAKnowing of dim sum menus NT4SBXGUR9DA
A trip would not be complete without sampling the best local food at the destination. The continent of Asia offers many options, from street food in Hong Kong until the spicy dish in Sichuan. One that you must try is dim sum, traditional culinary arts of South China that taste has been captivating many people, especially in countries with a strong Chinese influence, such as in China (duh, of course), Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and so forth.
Dim sum
Dim sum (which is the real meaning: "touch the heart") is a choice of Chinese cuisine which consists of a variety of snacks. Usually served before noon, with tea enjoyed dim sum (yum cha), and so a large part of Asian cuisine. No wonder, you can find many restaurants serving dim sum all day. Dim sum is usually steamed, baked or fried, and served in a bamboo container. The following instructions will some of the popular dim sum dishes.
here the menus of dim sum : let see..
  1. Siew Mai
  2. Har Gau
  3. Cheong Fun
  4. Bao
  5. cake of Daikon & Taro
  6. Dan Tat
  7. Jin Dui
  8. Chun Juan
  9. Fu Pi Quan
  10. Fung Jeow
  11. Lo Mai Gai
  12. Jelly Almond
  13. Puding Mangga / mango pudding
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source : http://id.travel.yahoo.com/jalan-jalan/84-panduan-singkat-mengenali-dim-sum
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

food menu Mandatory Post-birth mother

food menu Mandatory Post-birth motherfood menus Mandatory Post-birth mother.
food menu Post-birth for mother
After giving birth is when your body is in the process of recovery. You also have to deal with changes hormin postpartum.
If you're not good at keeping stamina, then your new role will be very tiring.
If you do not immediately resolve, this condition can lead to postpartum depression (PPD), a condition where you just had a baby who was depressed because it is not ready to adjust to post-birth.
One work around is through food. Food can accelerate the recovery process, affect mood and increase the quality of breastmilk.
What are the meals? Here goes the list!
1. Milk: It's not just your baby who needs milk, but you also need to drink milk to fitness.
2. Oil Omega-3: You have a lot to eat foods rich in omega-3 oils, like salmon, flaxseed oil and walnuts are believed to enhance brain function and may help treatment of depression,
3. Omega-3 supplements: If you limit your intake of fish because of worry about the mercury content of the mencemarinya, you can choose the consumption of omega-3 supplements made from fish oil extracts are safe enough for breastfeeding mothers.

4. Protein: The brain really needs protein as found in dairy products, soybeans, meat, and fish to produce the neurotransmitter serotonin, which has a calming effect on the brain. To increase your protein intake, try scrambled eggs for breakfast or beef sandwiches for lunch. For snacks, you can choose yogurt, cheese, and crackers.

5. Drinking water: Dehydration will make the condition worse. Fatigue and anxiety is a symptom of dehydration. For that, drink 8 glasses of water per day.

6. Limit caffeine: 1-2 cups of coffee to help keep the spirit to move in the morning. But if you drink caffeinated beverages throughout the day for the eyes to stay awake because of lack of sleep that night, in fact it causes you to be anxious, tired, irritable, and experiencing mood disorders. If you want to be free of caffeine at all, go slow, do not be drastic. Stop drinking suddenly can cause temporary headaches, lethargy, to the crankiness.

7. Dark Chocolate: If you must eat something containing a lot of sugar, eat chocolate. High-quality dark chocolate with a cocoa content of more than 70 percent, may improve mood by increasing levels of serotonin in the brain.

8. Cereal Grain: To help increase the energy in the morning after an exhausting night, cereal grains are the ideal food to start the day.

9. Green Leaf Vegetables: Spinach, broccoli, and other green leafy vegetables have benefits that many and varied, can be non-dairy sources of calcium, vitamin C, iron, and rich in antioxidants.

10. Citrus: Citrus fruits are good foods to increase energy for you. You need more vitamin C than when she was pregnant. If you can not get the original fruit, orange juice can also help.

source : google.com
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food diet prevent heart attack

food diet prevent heart attackDiet menu For Heart attack Disease Prevention.
The occurrence of blockage and narrowing of the arteries is caused by a buildup kororner fatty substances (cholesterol, triglycerides) under the innermost layer (endothelium) of the artery wall. One of the most influential factor to the possibility of accumulation of this fatty substance is a lifestyle, especially diet.
food diet prevent heart attack
Heart attk acdisease is often identified with the disease due to "good life", ie too many foods containing fat and cholesterol. This has become increasingly the habbit of consumption with meals ready to eat junk food aliases within a decade.
It can not be denied, junk food has become part of the lifestyle of some communities in Indonesia. Look at various outlets located in shopping malls, always full of visitors with a variety of ages, from young children to adults.
And junk food contains a lot of sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol. Soium is part of the salt. When the body terlalau many contain sodium, can increase blood pressure and flow, causing high blood pressure. High blood pressure was the one who can influence the emergence of heart disease.
Saturated fats are harmful to the body because it stimulates the liver to produce cholesterol bnnyak who also plays a role will the emergence of heart disease. Because the buildup of cholesterol in the long run will inhibit blood flow and oxygen metabolism that interfere with cardiac muscle cells.
Increasing the amount of junk food that goes into the Indonesian market was creating a new phenomena, that is obese or overweight. The problem of obesity is also more commonly found at the age of the children. This theme is also raised for World Heart Day 2005 in the month of September, which warned that obesity is a major risk factor for heart disease.
In obese patients, the heart must work harder in order to supply blood around the body. This can significantly increase the risk of heart disease. With the increasing number of people who suffer from obesity at an early age, it is not impossible if the old people with heart disease also becoming younger.

Cholesterol semdiri consists of 2 types, ie High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) is often called good cholesterol and Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), often called bad cholesterol. Metabolism and cardiac performance suffers when the body's levels of LDL in the blood more than the levels of HDL. Keep in mind, a food that is high in cholesterol include egg yolks, brain, liver, lung, intestine, crabs and shellfish.

Apply a balanced diet

The best way to keep the body from heart attacks is to change the lifestyle with a balanced diet. Balanced diet can also be regarded as a balanced diet, ie daily food containing various nutrients in jumlahdan quality to suit the needs of the body for healthy living optimally. Its composition consists of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Functions of nutrients in the body is as an energy source (carbohydrates and fats), builder substances (proteins), especially to grow and replace damaged cells and the source xat regulator (vitamins and minerals).

Raw foods contain carbohydrates are rice, corn, sago, sweet potatoes and processed products. Source of vegetable protein may be obtained from tempeh, tofu, beans, whereas animal protein from meat, eggs, chicken and fish. While the source of regulating substances derived from vegetables and fruits.
Diet For Heart Disease Prevention
Completeness of nutrients and nutrient intake is a necessity, to keep good menajaga metabolism. While the number and amount of food eaten depends on the age, gender and daily activities.

At least, the concept of balanced diet should begin now to avoid a variety of foods that can increase levels of fat and cholesterol in the body

To avoid the accumulation of fat in blood vessels, one needs to avoid saturated fats like fatty beef, lamb, and fried foods bersanatan because it can increase blood cholesterol levels.

Monounsaturated fat, which has little effect on increasing blood cholesterol levels, found in olive oil, cottonseed oil, sesame oil and palm oil. While the polyunsaturated fats, which affects the penurunana kolesteroldarah levels found in corn oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil and fish oil.

Remember to never use oil or used cooking oil that used multiple times, because unsaturated fatty acids turn into trans fatty acids that can improve lipoproteins LDL and HDL lipoproteins droped.

Consumption of legumes such as soybean, fish and sunflower seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids (lenoleat) and omega 6 (linoleic) should be improved. Similarly, vegetable, fruit, corn, potatoes that contain fiber. Fiber in fruits could effectively decrease LDL cholesterol levels. According to Angelique DP, brand manager of PT Nutrifood Indonesia, heart baikbagi diet is a diet low in fat and high in fiber.

Some of the foods mentioned above also contains vitamins C and E, which can prevent the heart. Vitamin C plays a role in the formation of collagen and is a positive factor for preventing coronary heart disease. Lack of vitamin C causes kerusalan arrangement so as to fill the arterial cells, and cholesterol cause atherosclerosis or calcification process and the accumulation of cholesterol element.

While vitamin E is an antioxidant that acts to prevent the occurrence of oxidation processes in the body, in which LDL cholesterol can clog arteries penetrate the walls of blood vessels after oxidation. Vitamin E can be found in vegetable oils (soybean oil, corn oil and sunflower seed oil), nuts, seeds and grains.

Method of cooking food must also be considered. The best way is to pan-fried, diungkep, steamed, boiled, grilled or baked.

Remember, never too late to start.

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Food for Prevent Hair Loss

Food for Prevent Hair LossFood menus for Prevent Hair Loss
How to maintain healthy hair with foods consumtion.
Thinning hair is a horrible thing for women. Not only have external treatment, food intake is also important guarded. If you start to see hair loss, hair piled on the floor, pillow, or a water hole in the bathroom, you should start trying to eat foods that strengthen and protect your scalp. Here are some tips to keep hair among them:

Fish, eggs, and nuts
The main content of hair is protein. Therefore, try eating protein will be helpful for healthy hair. However, that does not mean you can eat high protein foods as they please regardless of other content. Steak, for example, is rich in protein, but also high in fat. High fat will increase testosterone levels. This is believed to cause hair loss. So, the steak is food that should be avoided for no more hair loss. Pick enough protein foods, like fish-ikanan (which also has other content that are good for the body), chicken, veal liver, low-fat cheese, eggs, almonds, seeds, and yogurt.

Soy milk and tofu is also a good food additive because it is rich in protein and low in bad fats.

Iron plays an important role in producing hemoglobin, the part of blood that carries oxygen to all organs and tissues. When hemoglobin is in a healthy level, oxygen is distributed properly. This means you get your scalp healthy blood flow and will stimulate and build healthy hair. Adding iron in the diet does not mean you should eat liver every day. You can add sweet foods, such as raisins and cherry juice, rich in iron.

Eggs, dates, raisins, dark green leafy vegetables, whole grains and cereals are also rich in iron. Vitamin C helps iron absorption, which can be obtained from oranges, strawberries, and lemon.

Bean sprouts
Our bodies use a substance called silica (not silica gel for absorbing moisture in the bag) to absorb vitamins and minerals. If the body lacks silica, vitamin every day that you enter will not be useful. Silica can be obtained from the bean sprouts, cucumber skin, red and green peppers, and potatoes.

Source: www.beritasekilas.com
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

food menu Prevent Diabetes

food menu Prevent Diabetesfood menu Prevent Diabetes
Types of Food DiabetesSaat Prevention is more or less 35% of the world population at risk of diabetes. Try to be cured by consuming these foods on a regular basis:
1. Apple
Results of research in Finland has shown that people who regularly eat apples or other foods that contain quersetin suffer from diabetes and heart deaths 20 percent less than that do not. Another source of quercetin are onions, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, and fruits.
2. Cinnamon
Cinnamon that we usually use as a spice in the kitchen proved to have tremendous benefits. A study in Human Nutrition Research Center in Beltsville, Maryland, argued that the ½ teaspoon of cinnamon each day of the dishes we can make cells more sensitive to insulin. Thus, the cell will convert blood sugar into energy.
3. Citrus fruit
The results showed that diabetics tend to have levels of vitamin C in the lower body.
4. Fish
According to the American Diabetes Association. The content of omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, sardines, and the like can help lower LDL cholesterol-clogged arteries and triglycerides while increasing HDL (good) cholesterol.
5. Fiber Rich Foods
A study at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center found that people who increase their intake of fiber foods as much as 24-50 g (example: 2 seeds carrots) a day can lower blood sugar levels. In the article a decrease in blood sugar levels are not mentioned in detail.
6. Nuts
All types of nuts such as long beans, peanuts, etc.. Containing low levels of fat calories, high fiber, high protein which can help reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Fiber will slow the release of glucose into the bloodstream and prevent blood sugar spikes that can aggravate diabetes and make you feel always hungry.
7. Green tea
Research shows that chronic inflammation caused by fatty foods, lack of exercise, lack of fruits and vegetables may increase the risk of hepatitis disease and hinder the body's ability to absorb blood sugar. The solution that is by drinking green tea or orange juice.
8. Spinach and other green vegetables.
All green vegetables contain lutein, a carotenoid is good for the eyes. This compound is very important because diabetes can weaken the ability of the eye. Vegetables are also a great source of fiber, B vitamins, iron, calcium, and vitamin C.
9. Chocolate.
Researchers at the University of San Francisco found that dark chocolate increases insulin sensitivity. Increased insulin is essential to prevent or treat type 2 diabetes. Chocolate also produces a significant reduction in blood pressure, reduce LDL (bad cholesterol), and improve blood vessel function.
10. Steak.
The content of steak, among others, protein, iron, and vitamin B. These compounds are compounds that are part of the profile of beef fat called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA works to improve blood sugar metabolism is disturbed and anti-cancer.
12. Vinegar.
Results of research at Arizona State University proved that consumed two tablespoons of vinegar can help lower blood sugar. The research results prove that in just one hour, people with diabetes have blood sugar levels 25 percent lower than the previous.
13. Drink 3 glasses of water immediately after waking.
The research proves that at the time immediately after waking, 3 glasses of water that flows in the blood will wipe out the blood sugar content in the body and throw it with urine.
Source: Mens Health Magazine April issue, 2010. and google.com
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Nutritious food post-surgery eating

Nutritious food post-surgery eating
What foods should not be eaten post-operative patients after coming home from the Hospital?
We still often hear that the prohibition of eating certain foods for patients with post-surgery after being at home. Various kinds of restrictions were raised by relatives and neighbors when they visit the post-operative patients in their homes. Families with one banning eating this, neighbors forbade eating it.
The influence of the family and the neighbors sometimes make the patient confused though when I got home from the Hospital has been ordered by doctors that there is no ban on any food, aka free.
Throughout there is no special message from the doctor in relation to the type of disease and the type of operation, the patients free to eat any food when he got home.

Case Example:
A young mother undergoing cesarean section (sectio Caesaria) to deliver the baby. While still in hospital, the mother fed the nice meals such as meat, eggs, soup, fruit, snacks and others. Uh, when I got home, the relatives forbade eating fish, meat, vegetables berkuah, and seabreg other restrictions. Ngenes deh.

No need to wonder if later the young mother was still weak and pale in spite of the operation had lasted 2 weeks in advance. Yet after this period the mother should be able to walk to the Mall.

In everyday practice, such incidents still exist. When asked why their relatives or neighbors prohibit eating certain foods, the answer is almost uniform, ie: fear of slow operation wound dry, itchy and scared others.
Sometimes patients or their families ask:

* Permissible to eat meat, chicken, fish?
* Allow eat fried foods (oily)
* Allow bersantan eat vegetables?

Answer: Perhaps! Even highly recommended to eat nutritious foods for wound healing after surgery and body condition quickly recovered.

Have we grafting fruit trees? When we grafting fruit trees, the bark of a circular sliced, then given the most fertile land around the cut and watered every day. Why? So that soon grow around the root bark slices.

Well, like that picture of post-surgery. If you want quick healing process and body fit again, then the post-operative patients should eat nutritious food.

In general, to speed up the healing process and recovery of postoperative patients, we need to consider the tips below:

* Eat nutritious foods, such as: rice, side dishes, vegetables, milk, fruit.
* Consumption of food (side dishes), high protein, like meat, chicken, fish, eggs and the like.
* Drink at least 8-10 glasses per day.
* Try to get enough rest.
* Mobilization gradual as to be active as usual. The sooner the better.
* Bathe as usual, ie 2 times a day.
* Control on a regular basis to evaluate the operation wound and inspection body condition.
* Take medications as recommended by your doctor.

For patients who are far from town, can ask permission and guidance procedures for treating injuries to the doctor to treat his own wound.
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Food anti Hair Loss

Food anti Hair LossFood menu Hair Loss for healthy hair.
Dont let hair loss threaten your beauty.
Prevent with nutritious food intake to restore the strength of the hair root.

Fish, eggs and nuts

Our hair is basically composed of protein, which is why high-protein diet is recommended to maintain healthy hair. Choose lean protein, such as fish, chicken, eggs, almonds, yogurt, or tofu. Foods high in fat will make the hormone testosterone levels in men decrease the impact on hair loss.


zinc plays an important role in the manufacture of hemoglobin, the blood that carries oxygen to all organs and tissues. If we are good levels of hemoglobin, oxygen can be distributed perfectly. This means, the circulation of blood can get to the root of the hair, which will stimulate hair growth.
Add foods contain iron in your diet everyday. Foods such as eggs, green vegetables, raisins, and whole grain cereals, are a good source of iron. Besides the consumption of vitamin C because vitamin also increases the body's ability to absorb iron.

Men who experience hair loss are known to have a zinc deficiency in the body. Zinc plays a role in various bodily functions, ranging from cell production to balance hormones, and these functions affect hair growth. In addition, zinc plays a role in hair glands that "binding" hair roots.

If we lack of zinc, so weak hair follicles so the hair easily separated from the roots. To overcome this, a high consumption of foods containing zinc, such as red meat, poultry meat, nuts, shellfish, or shrimp.
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food menu Accelerate cure Post-Surgical

food menu Accelerate cure Post-SurgicalRed Pepper Juice, food menu Accelerate cure Post-Surgical
Scar surgery, especially cesarean section, sometimes cause itching. Moreover, if the wound is not dry quickly. It must be very disturbing activities. How to deal with immediate surgery for wound dry and recover quickly?
Well, one way that can be done is to increase the consumption of food which will packed aka ascorbic acid content of vitamin C. Vitamins are also known as the source of this antioxidant nutritious produce collagen that is necessary to accelerate wound healing.

(preparation time: 10 minutes)
2 pieces (400 g) red bell pepper
2 pieces red tomatoes
1 apple Fuji apple or other types
2 stalks celery sticks


* Wash the peppers, tomatoes, apples, and celery sticks. Cut into pieces.
* Process all ingredients in a juicer and absorb the juice. Mix well.
* Serve immediately.

* Choose a juicer that has a quality machine that can provide more juice. One sign is that the waste is more dry.

* The best sources of ascorbic acid is red peppers, red tomatoes, oranges, apples, green leafy vegetables, kiwi, guava.
* We recommend these fruit and vegetable juice is immediately taken. If the juice is left open and exposed to air for too long, its vitamin C content would be reduced by 30%.
source : google.com healthy
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healthy menu food prevent anemia

healthy menu food prevent anemiahealthy menu food prevent anemia

According to the 1992 Household Health Survey data of anemia in asia and Indonesia is still a public health problem. It is estimated that the prevalence of nutritional anemia before Pelita IV in pre-school children was 40%, at school-age children 31%, in adult women 40% and 70% in pregnant women. Looking at the data above, of course you have to be more vigilant and keep your body so as not to hit the anemia. So what healthy menu prevent anemia?

What causes anemia Nutrition?
The main cause of anemia is iron deficiency (Fe) and folic acid that should not have happened if the daily food and satisfy a wide range of balanced nutrition. Food sources containing iron that is easy diabsopsi human body is a source of animal protein such as fish, meat, eggs, etc.. Vegetables such as cassava leaves, kale, spinach also contains iron, etc. but the more difficult absorption in the body.

Diseases such as worm infections, malaria and chronic diseases (tuberculosis) or hemorrhoids that often accompany young adults due to lack of consumption of green vegetables often memeperberat circumstances anemia. Symptoms of anemia are tired, lethargic and weak. Anemia in students can reduce learning capacity and concentration, while the anemia in workers could reduce productivity.

Direct and indirect causes of Fe deficiency (Source M. Husain et al. Study nutritional anemia: an assessment of information complication Fior and formulating national policy supporting a program th 1989):

1. Total Fe in the diet is not enough, for example:
- Availability of Fe in food less
- Quality & quantity of food less
- Social economic low
2. Absorption of iron in their diets, for example:
- Composition of food is less diverse
- There are iron absorption inhibitors such as tea, take iron tablets with calcium tablets so that iron can not be absorbed maximally
3. Iron needs are increased, for example:
- Physical growth of children / adolescents
- Pregnant & lactating women
4. Blood loss, for example:
- Parasite (tapeworm)
- Infection
- Hemorrhoids / hemorrhoid

By examining the levels of blood hemoglobine then anemia can be detected.
Anemia according to the WHO threshold value th 1993 with the examination of meth hemoglobine hemoglobine Cyan method is as follows: (Intersection of National work anemia th 1993)

* Pregnant Women, 11 g / dl
* Toddler 11 g / dl
* School age children 12 g / dl
* Young women / WUS 12 g / dl
* Mother breastfeeding> 3 months of 12 g / dl
* Adult men 13 g / dl

How to Prevent nutritional anemia?
Eat a varied diet with balanced nutrition menu to prevent nutritional anemia.

Raw foods are rich in iron content:
Red meat, poultry meat, whole grains, egg yolks, milk, grains, beans, dark green leafy vegetables, beets, fruits.
Fruits such as oranges, tomatoes may help increase iron absorption in the body.

Sample menu balanced nutrition to prevent anemia:

Cooked eggs 1 piece
Low-fat milk 200 ml (1 cup)

Interlude: green beans 1 cup porridge

Rice 2 x ¾ cup olive ridley (200 grams)
Saute spinach
Potato stew meat (1 piece of beef 50 grams)
1 cup bean soup
1 cup orange juice

Afternoon interlude: eclairs 1 pc

Rice 2 x ¾ cup olive ridley (200 grams)
Capcay a small bowl
Angkak Chicken (2 pieces of chicken)
Sapo know a small bowl
1 cup strawberry juice

Before bed: low-fat milk 1 cup (200 ml)
source : google.com
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Food with zinc Prevent Anemia

Food with zinc Prevent AnemiaFood with zinc substance is Right: Optimal Prevent Anemia!
Anemia prevention is the easiest way to consume food ZINC. For example: oysters, shrimp, beef liver, meat, eggs, milk, green peas, peanuts, soybeans, and green vegetables.

Unfortunately, food consumption has not been enough. Cause:
* Bioavaibilitas (power absorption) in some foods low zinc. Example: eggs, milk, beans, and green vegetables.
* phytate contained in the staple food of Indonesia, including grains (rice, corn, wheat) and other food sources, can reduce iron absorption.
* Consumption of cow's milk is not fortified with iron, milk with calcium and phosphoprotein will reduce the absorption of iron in the body.
* Prices of food with iron berzat bioavaibilitas (power absorption) is high, such as beef and liver are generally expensive, so rarely consumed.

How to cope with low iron bioavaibilitas:
* Combine berzat iron foods with vitamin C foods, like oranges, tomatoes, mango, and strawberry. Vitamin C increases iron absorption, so the combination of the above make the optimum iron absorption.
* Leave a space of time of 1-2 hours between the consumption of cow's milk and cereals with iron berzat food.

Alternative prevention: taking iron supplements are practical.
source : google.com
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Foods for Preventing Heart disease

there is Five healthy Foods for Preventing Heart attack.
we need some health insurance if we did'nt consumtion this foods. but in US insurance is not cheap. as we know Heart attack disease is the number one killer in USA. In asia, the disease including the second biggest killer after cancer. A diet is the first point that can prevent this disease. There are four types of food that has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack disease, the first is Garlic.Foods for Preventing Heart attack
Numerous studies have shown some benefits of these spices. Regular consumption of garlic can reduce high blood pressure, prevent blood clots (cause of stroke), prevent the increase in blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Garlic is also known to reduce or neutralize the harmful effects of salt.
Second is the salmon. Salmon contain omega-3 that can prevent a too rapid heartbeat, prevent or reduce the level of dilation of the arteries, increase the amount of good fats in the body, and prevents cholesterol split and became the blockage in the arteries.
Third is a berry fruit and Chery. Fruit is useful because it has a kind of substance that could prevent cell damage that can lead to clotting or blockage of blood vessels.
Fourth is the red rice. Brown rice is a source of magnesium. These minerals (magnesium) can expedite the flow of blood vessels. Magnesium deficiency can cause hypertension, heart attack, and heart rhythm disturbances.
Fifth is the chocolate drink. Chocolate drinks rich in antioxidants. Even the number could be 3 times more than green tea.
source : matanews.com/2010/02/06/lima-makanan-pencegah-jantung
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