Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Coffee Can Increase Concentration & Morale?

coffee in the morning is best way to enjoy a new day.
Coffee Can Increase Concentration & MoraleCoffee Can Increase Concentration & Morale?

Has become a daily routine, if some people will start activity of coffee drinking as a 'cure' encouragement and yawn at work. Why does this happen?

Coffee has become a powerful tool to start the work, the article contained caffeine in a cup of coffee turned out to potentially reduce the error rate in the person doing the work, particularly the shift in character.
Especially in the research London School of Tropical Medicine showed routine working hours start at nine o'clock in the morning until five in the afternoon potentially huge mess in the body, such as lack of enthusiasm or drowsiness high.
Some work that may damage the disorder, such as doctors, drivers and security guards. Consequently, they can be very sleepy at work. The research was also mentioned, caffeine contained in coffee, isotonic drinks or foods containing caffeine can move the nerves that silence, because not previously used to work.
"With coffee or beverages containing caffeine, enough to make people berkosentrasi because caffeine can wake up sleeping nerves," explained Dr. Katherine Ker, one of the research team.
This research yourself invited correspondents ranging in age from 20 to 30 years. Currently researchers have to do further research on the effects of caffeine for someone older or over 30 years.(Okezone/DailyMail)


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Coffee Can Increase Concentration & Morale?

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