Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5 Food repellent "Bad Mood"

bad mood repellent food5 Food repellent for BAD Mood
Maybe you often see in movies, a woman who was crying as he sat heartbroken devouring big bucket of chocolate ice cream. Excessive? Not really. As it turns out there are some foods containing certain nutrients, which can change our mood better. Anything?

1. Cold cereal
Our body will create their own antidepressan when we're feeling depressed. But if we are low in folic acid, there was no functioning antidepressan. From which we can get folic acid intake? One was cereal.

2. Fish
According to a study of University of Pitsburgh, the higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids (which can be found in fish), the happier person. Omega-3 fatty acids affect the brain that regulate mood. Some fish also contain vitamin B12, which stimulates the brain to produce serotonin and help you become more relaxed.

3. Yolk
Bright yellow color that reflects just have fun. Especially if eaten. Egg yolks contain choline named. Choline deficiency will make us feel nervous and tense.

4. Chocolate
According to research conducted by The British Journal of Psychiatry, nearly half the number of people who are depressed will feel the urge to eat chocolate. Miraculously, all claimed to feel better after chocolate cravings are satisfied. So, when another bete, forget your diet first. No need a lot, just one ounce but enjoyed every bite.

5. Fruit and vegetables
The effect may not be lightning like chocolate, but fruits and vegetables is mandatory to avoid menu bad mood. According to research at University College London, industrious people who eat fruits and vegetables rarely feel depressed.


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5 Food repellent "Bad Mood"

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