Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Apple benefits for health

Apple benefits for health. Apple flavor really well known. In fact, juice is also very popular. Benefits of green apples more closely in helping the digestion and weight loss. Green apples and red apples, both are equally important in terms of usefulness to the body.
The practice of eating or drinking apple juice every day to supply enough nutrients to reduce cholesterol in the body. Studies show that apples contain elements of healthy phytonutrients that may slow down the oxidation of bad cholesterol which is a process that plays a role in the growth of heart disease.
Children who ate fast food and then eating or drinking apple juice actually balance the return and prevent the nutrient content of fat in the body.Apple benefits for health
The best ways to process apple
1) Wash apples and cut into 2 parts
2) Remove the end of the two parts of a V.
3) Cut the apple into four parts. Perform the same technique to another part of the apple one.
4) Get rid of the apple is the center that contains the seeds.
5) lemon juice to get the juice of 1 / 4 cup. Mix with cold water.
6) Soak all the fruit has been cut for 15 minutes, then let them drain.
7) cut apples ready to be served without blemish.
Make sure you use a sharp-edged knife to cut vegetables and fruits. Dull or damaged blade will cause more rapid damage to the fruit or vegetable is cut. Ideally to avoid cutting blades for cutting fruit and other raw materials.


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Apple benefits for health

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