Tuesday, November 30, 2010

mushroom benefit for our healthy

mushroom benefit for our healthy. In Malaysia, there are only 10 people mushroom expert, if the numbers higher, it is possible to boost the economy and not rely solely on imported mushrooms from China.
Imagine that in China alone there are over 100 research centers mushrooms.
Our country only produces 24.000 kg of mushrooms, while the actual demand is 50,000 kg.
If the cultivation of mushrooms to be commercialized yet we do not have to import it. Moreover, the addition of a new research center may be able to produce new discoveries mushroom nutrition.
Original unique mushroom. He said France was discovered by villagers as a source of food and medicine to the hundreds of years ago. They are buried in the cave because the plant requires a moist and cool temperatures.
Even the early Chinese historical records show mushrooms used in traditional medicine and classical Chinese painting. The appliance also has a pattern of imperial greatness of mushrooms.
Mold is actually a lot of nutrients from the medical angle.
mushroom benefit for our healthyIt could cure a cough, treat gastric and blood pressure because it is rich in iron, minerals and amino acids and antioxidants.
Now there are an estimated 15.000 species of mushrooms are 1.5 million fungus exists. But there are hundreds of thousands more that have not been found and has no name.
Talking about mushrooms commercialism in the future, it is possible there is ice cream and chocolate mushroom mushrooms sold in the market.
If there is now a mushroom drinks in cans, it is possible no longer a child can feel the passion for ice cream mold.
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mushroom benefit for our healthy

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