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food vegetable kale benefits for health

food vegetable kale benefits for health. This time we see the goodness of vegetables. Many people do not like eating vegetables, right? Besides supplying nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, vegetables also have benefits in curing some diseases or health problems. This series, I explain the benefits vegetable kale or scientific name Ipomea vegetable kale benefits  for healthEasily available and cheap kale tu plaques. In the village, easy spinach grown in the wild edges of water sources. But, make sure you clean them before ye kale tu wherever you daptkannya. This edition, I want to tells you the four secrets of water spinach medicine, to treat hemorrhoids, treat insomnia, headaches and reaching market potential!

1. Treating Hemorrhoids

For those of you who suffer from this disease, you may feel embarrassed to see a doctor. Maybe spinach can help you. Or at least help your healing process. To treat hemorrhoids, you can use spinach as a side dish. For those of you who do not like to eat raw, you can be blanched or soaked briefly in hot water convolvulus. Remember, do not ye take a long time. Usefulness will be lost. Always spinach salad. There must be change!

2. Treating Insomnia or difficulty sleeping

Practice spinach with rice as food to help your sleep problems. Various means can either eat as a salad or for cooking vegetables or a vegetable gravy. It's up to your taste. Importantly, do not cook in the long term to ensure that the food.

3. Treating headaches

Which is always a headache, the same rules as rules 1 and 2 above.

4. Reaching market potential

For a less hair on the head that, ha .. this methodology. Take a bunch of local spinach and clean. Prepare a bowl / small sebesen water. Then, kale tai squeezed with hands in the water bath. Squeezed with hands to mucus-mucus out of the spinach. Take the mucus, apply to the scalp hair anada less tu! Then, wrap in a towel and let it 30minutes. After 30 minutes, open the towel and clean your head. For optimal results, practice once a week.

Order: Kangkung ( hele) stem hollow or empty space. An empty space is easy to enter the worm or maggot. Ideally, if you buy spinach / get a big stick, you can cut the stems and wash.


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food vegetable kale benefits for health

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