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today food GARLIC benefits for health

today food GARLIC benefits for health- DETAILS OF GARLIC

Garlic is planted on sandy loam soil and flat. It can be grown almost all over the world. These special bulbs are located in the soil.
It was formed in the flask containing 10 to 13 pips. Exterior skin is covered with cream-colored skin. Leek lengthwise shape. Garlic can be planted using the bulb.
today food GARLIC benefits for health
The main components of garlic are:
Property percentage
Water 64.3
Protein 7.9
Fat 0.6
Carbohydrate 16.3
Energy 98 kkal/100g


Garlic helps digestion and increases appetite for food. if we eaten raw, garlic stimulates the secretion of saliva. It expanded the action pepsin (an enzyme that helps digest proteins) and increase the level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.
It also increases the secretion of intestinal fluid and expand the action of enzymes that digest carbohydrates. In addition, garlic contains more dietary fiber, vitamin B1, vitamin C and a special smell that stimulates appetite most of the individual.

Cardiovascular Disease
Garlic lowers lipoprotein levels of 'bad' for example, LDL, VDL in the blood. It also increases the level of lipoprotein a good example of HDL in the blood and prevent blood collection. This means that continuous use of garlic can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease or heart disease.

Garlic blocks cell division and growth in areas such as colon, liver, kidney, skin, esophagus, stomach, bladder, breast and cervix. Pati garlic can reduce the toxicity siklofosfamida, a drug used in cancer treatment.

When eaten raw garlic, diallyl sulfide to form hydrogen sulfide in the body. This is excreted through the lungs of antibiotics and a stimulation action occurs. Through the spinal and vagus nerve, hydrogen sulfide stimulates various organs, promote blood circulation and metabolism.

Garlic control blood sugar levels effectively. It is important to ensure that no excess sugar in the body. When the excess sugar in the body, the individual is vulnerable to many diseases and the most feared disease is diabetes.

GARLIC injury
As with other things, garlic side effects if taken in excess. These include:

# Stimulates the digestive mucosa
# Vomiting, 'dysentery', anorexia nervosa
# Loss of weight, retarded growth
# Anemia
# Dermatitis

Therefore suggested servings of garlic and the recommended dosage:
Not less than 5 g of raw garlic per day, or
Not less than 0.5ml of garlic juice per day per kg of weight, or
No less than 300 mg garlic powder per day.
In the era of sophisticated now, goodness of garlic available in tablet form. There are many supplement manufacturers remove the garlic tablets.
It is readily available in the market for a reasonable price. Among the manufacturers of the famous garlic capsules were Nutrilite, Cosmos, 21st Century, and many more.


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today food GARLIC benefits for health

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