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Knowing of dim sum menus NT4SBXGUR9DA

Knowing of dim sum menus NT4SBXGUR9DAKnowing of dim sum menus NT4SBXGUR9DA
A trip would not be complete without sampling the best local food at the destination. The continent of Asia offers many options, from street food in Hong Kong until the spicy dish in Sichuan. One that you must try is dim sum, traditional culinary arts of South China that taste has been captivating many people, especially in countries with a strong Chinese influence, such as in China (duh, of course), Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and so forth.
Dim sum
Dim sum (which is the real meaning: "touch the heart") is a choice of Chinese cuisine which consists of a variety of snacks. Usually served before noon, with tea enjoyed dim sum (yum cha), and so a large part of Asian cuisine. No wonder, you can find many restaurants serving dim sum all day. Dim sum is usually steamed, baked or fried, and served in a bamboo container. The following instructions will some of the popular dim sum dishes.
here the menus of dim sum : let see..
  1. Siew Mai
  2. Har Gau
  3. Cheong Fun
  4. Bao
  5. cake of Daikon & Taro
  6. Dan Tat
  7. Jin Dui
  8. Chun Juan
  9. Fu Pi Quan
  10. Fung Jeow
  11. Lo Mai Gai
  12. Jelly Almond
  13. Puding Mangga / mango pudding
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Knowing of dim sum menus NT4SBXGUR9DA

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