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food menu Mandatory Post-birth mother

food menu Mandatory Post-birth motherfood menus Mandatory Post-birth mother.
food menu Post-birth for mother
After giving birth is when your body is in the process of recovery. You also have to deal with changes hormin postpartum.
If you're not good at keeping stamina, then your new role will be very tiring.
If you do not immediately resolve, this condition can lead to postpartum depression (PPD), a condition where you just had a baby who was depressed because it is not ready to adjust to post-birth.
One work around is through food. Food can accelerate the recovery process, affect mood and increase the quality of breastmilk.
What are the meals? Here goes the list!
1. Milk: It's not just your baby who needs milk, but you also need to drink milk to fitness.
2. Oil Omega-3: You have a lot to eat foods rich in omega-3 oils, like salmon, flaxseed oil and walnuts are believed to enhance brain function and may help treatment of depression,
3. Omega-3 supplements: If you limit your intake of fish because of worry about the mercury content of the mencemarinya, you can choose the consumption of omega-3 supplements made from fish oil extracts are safe enough for breastfeeding mothers.

4. Protein: The brain really needs protein as found in dairy products, soybeans, meat, and fish to produce the neurotransmitter serotonin, which has a calming effect on the brain. To increase your protein intake, try scrambled eggs for breakfast or beef sandwiches for lunch. For snacks, you can choose yogurt, cheese, and crackers.

5. Drinking water: Dehydration will make the condition worse. Fatigue and anxiety is a symptom of dehydration. For that, drink 8 glasses of water per day.

6. Limit caffeine: 1-2 cups of coffee to help keep the spirit to move in the morning. But if you drink caffeinated beverages throughout the day for the eyes to stay awake because of lack of sleep that night, in fact it causes you to be anxious, tired, irritable, and experiencing mood disorders. If you want to be free of caffeine at all, go slow, do not be drastic. Stop drinking suddenly can cause temporary headaches, lethargy, to the crankiness.

7. Dark Chocolate: If you must eat something containing a lot of sugar, eat chocolate. High-quality dark chocolate with a cocoa content of more than 70 percent, may improve mood by increasing levels of serotonin in the brain.

8. Cereal Grain: To help increase the energy in the morning after an exhausting night, cereal grains are the ideal food to start the day.

9. Green Leaf Vegetables: Spinach, broccoli, and other green leafy vegetables have benefits that many and varied, can be non-dairy sources of calcium, vitamin C, iron, and rich in antioxidants.

10. Citrus: Citrus fruits are good foods to increase energy for you. You need more vitamin C than when she was pregnant. If you can not get the original fruit, orange juice can also help.

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food menu Mandatory Post-birth mother

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