Friday, September 18, 2009

mistaken of the diet myths

Many people still mistakenly in the diet. The following diet myths that need your attention.

1. No dinner
Avoid dinner to lose weight is a myth that is not right. Weight is influenced by the total calories minus calories diasup issued in a day (weight loss = calories total calories diasup-issued). If dinner is removed and replaced with little food to keep hunger (if the little food high in calories), then the weight still will not come down. Eliminating dinner will also result in the emergence of the complaint is not uncomfortable, hungry, and even gastric disorders (ulcer).
If dinner is replaced with a snack of fruit, according to Luciana, okay, with a note on the night did not do anything activity. Principally, eating is to supply the body for metabolism of the body, replacing damaged cells, physical activity, and others. "If there is no supply, it will not be able to move because of famine, which will be compensated by forming the body of sugar from the body's own reserves. As a result, your metabolism will be disturbed and complaints arise not feeling well, even an ulcer arises," he said.

2. Not a good breakfast for dieting
Wrong. Without breakfast, blood sugar will drop. Low sugar levels lead to disturbed concentration, lethargy, irritability, and so on. With demikikan, not effective for people who work. Usually, the breakfast was not overcome by hunger snacks, which are often for its dry and mild but high calorie. As a result, the goal is not reached even as well, weight might go up. Another tendency is that the morning did not eat breakfast, lunch and dinner the day of hunger so much. Become ineffective as well. Normal metabolism can not accept the pattern of disordered eating.
3. Drinking water and ice water will make the body elastic.
This myth is also misleading. Water contains no calories, so it will not cause fat. Water ice absorption is going to make better food, but water itself does not contribute calories, so no amount of drinking water will not increase fat deposits. In a normal body, water consumption is very much will be issued by the body through the urine so that the water content in the body remains within normal limits.

4. Cespleng lime juice to lose weight.
This myth is not true. Which usually occurs we have ice orange with a lot of sugar so sweet. As a result, more and accumulate fat. Boro-boro weight loss, which happens even to the contrary.

The principle of weight loss diet is to reduce food intake without disrupting the activity and metabolism. The way to reduce the total calorie intake of daily meals. With the prescribed calories for the day, and then determined for each meal. Ideally food intake analysis carried out, namely the food you eat is calculated and evaluated. For example, in the morning just drink milk, lunch and evening meal complete, but why keep your body fat? We find fault where. Apparently, his lunch too much. Well, lunch is too much of this should be reduced. Causes of lunch can be too much for too little breakfast, just drink milk, the result will be faster hungry. In this case can be added a breakfast bread or fruit to prevent hunger pad during the day.

Another example, breakfast, lunch, and dinner is good, a good snack, but snack outside meal schedule and eating schedule was too much distraction. "When analyzed, which must be discarded BB cemilannya down. If the discarded breakfast or dinner, sacrifices made too heavy. Especially when having breakfast or dinner is removed is replaced with a calorie snacks are not small, so the same result, BB will not decrease, "he said. Luciana B. Sutanto, MS, Sp.GK, clinical nutrition specialist from RS Mitra Keluarga Kemayoran Jakarta.

What often happens is someone will be happy if he lost weight rapidly, but he himself did not know what it's reduced. "The water? Fat, or muscle? The expected loss is fat, because fat is the body that are not part of metabolism, even interfere with metabolism when stacking (causing diabetes, cholesterol, etc.)," said Luciana.

If the missing or decreased muscle mass it will be more difficult to lose weight because the body's metabolism (basal metabolism rate) will decrease. "If it decreases the body's metabolism, meaning it takes calories also decreases so that the low calorie intake, calories are sufficient or even excess of that needed. As a result, weight is not down anymore. So what happens if the muscles are shrinking, not fat loss, "explained Luciana. The amount of muscle mass could be due to reduced calorie intake is too low, insufficient protein supply, or low physical activity.
Different if the fall were fat mass, while the larger muscle mass. "If this happens, Body Weight would be easy to continue to fall."


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