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act wisely during dinner to trim

HOW TO : act wisely during dinner to trim

INSIDE running weight-loss program, many believe that the dinner is one that must be avoided. This assumption or myth, it's embedded in the community and there were several doctors who suggested the reason that at night our bodies do not need a lot of calories.
But in practice, what happens is just a lot of dinner and then replaced with snacking habits to starve. If a snack is high in calories, of course forget the effort to dinner meant nothing. Weight loss will not fall, while the stomach still rumbling. What's worse, eliminating dinner can also result in the emergence of other unpleasant complaints such as stomach upset or ulcer.
According to clinical nutrition specialist and consultant dinner diet is not something to fear and forbidden, especially when undergoing a diet program.
"To maintain weight, dinner still allowed as long as you wiser in choosing foods and calculate caloric intake," says Dr. Samuel.
He explains, is essentially unnecessary dinner was removed from the program as long as consistent in maintaining the balance of calorie intake for a full day (24 hours). Weight was affected in total calories in minus calories the body issued through activities in a day.
"To outsmart, calculate the total calories your body needs for a day. Then we cracked a breakfast, lunch and dinner. If the amount of calorie intake in the morning and afternoon a little, you're okay enough rest at night," added Dr. Samuel.
Excessive dinner, Dr. Samuel light, it makes the body becomes risky. Calories from food are stored in the form of body fat because not used. Whereas if we put more calories in the afternoon, likely will be used for energy and activity. "So, in order to maintain balance, Be Wise at dinner," he said.
The number of calories a person needs each day can vary depending on the activity and calorie burning process. But roughly, the calories needed each day by one adult male 45kalori/kg about his weight, being a grown woman 40 calories / kg body weight. For example, a man with 65 kg weight, the number of calories needed are: 65X = 45 calories 2925kalori.


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act wisely during dinner to trim

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