Saturday, October 17, 2009

Reducing the Negative Impact of Cooking Oil

In our culture, fried foods, including favorite foods. It was a tasty, crunchy, plus low price makes many popular fried. However, eating fried food can be harmful to health.
Fried food fried in oil containing saturated fatty acids would be metabolized when consumed, will eventually increase in blood lipid profile. The higher the intake of saturated fat, higher cholesterol. This will eventually lead to degenerative diseases, such as coronary heart disease or stroke.
To prevent these undesirable due to consumption of fried foods, Prof.Dr.Ir.Made Astawan, food technologists, Bogor Agricultural University, share tricks.
1. When you choose to buy cooking oil in accordance with the needs, how to read labels and packaging, with good care. Select which include cooking oil complete information on the label.
2. For high cholesterol, choose oils that contains unsaturated fatty acids (such as peanut oil and corn oil).
3. Do not choose cooking oil just by color and appearance. A clear oil is not necessarily better than the yellow oil concentrated. Color is influenced by the content of carotenoids and other components in the oil. In some cases the very beneficial carotenoids to health.
4. As far as possible gorenglah food gangsa system (less oil) to prevent excessive oil absorption in fried foods, and repeated use of oil.
5. Cooking oil so that is not easily damaged, should not use too high heat. Control the size of the flame.
6. Save the cooking oil in a sealed container, cool, and avoid sunlight to prevent oxidation and rancidity was not easy.
7. Clean the frying pan or wok with a detergent that is free from the crust or other dirt.
8. Do not get used to using used oil that has been used repeatedly to fry.
9. Drain the oil in fried food before eating. If necessary use a tissue or paper to reduce the oil layer on the surface of the food.

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Reducing the Negative Impact of Cooking Oil

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