Sunday, October 25, 2009

is Green tea bad for our bone

is Green tea bad for our bone
Green tea is often a healthy lifestyle choice. However, behind his ability as a natural antioxidant for the body, green tea is feared to give a bad impact on bone health.

As quoted from page Genius Beauty, a number of researchers from the University of Oregon and Connecticut, USA, are developing adverse findings about green tea on bone health.

Research conducted on rats, which are grouped a number of foods consumed based. The first group consume food without green tea extract content, a second group with 1 percent green tea extract, and the last 2 percent green tea extract.

Results, groups of rats who ate the most green tea ingredients impaired bone quality. Like the smaller size of the femur, decreased bone mass and reduced bone mineral. This group also had lower body weight than the other two groups.

Research results published in the Journal of Nutrition in October was also identified in humans. However, researchers still continue to develop to ensure that consumption of green tea also gives bad effects to the health and growth of human bone.



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is Green tea bad for our bone

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