Thursday, November 26, 2009

Papaya Leaf, Food Fiber Source

Papaya leaf, although a bitter taste, can be dioleh delicious dishes. Quite a lot of the nutrients that are beneficial to health in the green-colored leaves. Compared with the pulp, vitamins A and C papaya leaves are much higher.
Another prominent component in the leaves of papaya are food fibers. Here are some of the benefits of papaya leaf fiber:

1. Consumption of high fiber foods (especially from papaya leaves) will affect the intestine mikroflora such a way that does not produce carcinogenic compounds cause cancer.
2. Fiber foods can lower cholesterol and increase bile acid excretion in feces. This will reduce the availability of fat and cholesterol, thus preventing aterosklersosis and heart disease.
3. Fiber food can prevent constipation. In the gastrointestinal tract, fiber capable of absorbing water in a large enough amount, so that a soft stool mass and the pressure decreases in the large intestine.
4. Fiber food in very good papaya leaves to support the diet program. Diets with high fiber food will help weight loss programs. Food fiber has the ability to absorb water that is high enough considering dapt nutrients that teleh simplified by digestive enzymes.
Nutrients are dissolved and attached to the fiber, then be excreted through feces. These circumstances could reduce the availability of nutrients to the body, so that they can lose weight and prevent obesity.
5. Food fiber capable of absorbing water and the binding of glucose, thereby reducing the availability of glucose. Enough fiber diet also led to complex carbohydrates and fiber, so that the reduced carbohydrate digestion. The situation is capable of reducing blood glucose rise and make it stay in control.


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Papaya Leaf, Food Fiber Source

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