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to Make Fast Food Healthier Foods

to Make Fast Food Healthier Foods

obesity and fast food contributor to obesity. but glad to ditawarkannya.apa delicacy which we hope is a healthy way of eating fast food? There are several ways that can be done to make fast food healthier, and easy to do. Here's how to make fast food be healthy:

1. Green (additional vegetables)

Most fast food restaurants offer more than just burgers and fries. Most also offer a salad which in itself can be a healthy choice for you. Certain toppings such as cheese, sauce, and crouton, would add an unnecessary extra calories, so avoid these toppings.

2. Grilled

Check the fast food menu and you will find there are at least two choices of chicken sandwiches, fried or grilled. Fried sandwich loaded with fat and calories, some of the bread flour, the rest of the frying process. But the grilled chicken sandwich, no mayo, cheese and bacon, can be a very good choice, and contain plenty of protein.

3. avoid meat Nugget

Some people think that the chicken nuggets would be a healthier choice than a burger, but that's not true. Because the chicken nuggets breaded fried in very high temperatures, so the difference between calories and fat negligible. so nugget is fat source of obesity.

4. Dump Dairy

If you're addicted to burgers, there is a way for you to throw a few extra calories and fat by asking waiters to make a burger without mayonnaise, cheese or butter. Dairy products alone could add more than a hundred calories! wow how fast fat fast.

5. White Water Order

Instead of adding extra calories that do not need to order a sweet tea or soda, or juice, try to order water. You should drink 8 glasses of water a day, and this is the right time to drink a glass of them!

6. replace French Fries With fruit Apples

I know at least four fast-food chain that offers an alternative to fried potatoes - sliced apples! One of them in the form of caramel sauce, which defeated the whole purpose in making a healthy fast food. So avoid it and enjoy some sweet apples are juicy and crispy in your food!
to Make Fast Food Healthier Foods7. Do not eat that Overstated

All things, good fast food though, will not cause problems if not excessive. As long as you do not eat a double cheese burger with fries every day, and only indulge occasionally tongue, you will not ruin your diet or accumulate extra fat is not healthy. excess is not good.
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to Make Fast Food Healthier Foods

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