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Wrong way for Lose Weight (must avoid that)

Wrong way for Lose Weight (must avoid that)
Wrong way for Lose Weight ( avoid that !)
Lose weight and keep it stable is an endless struggle. That is why, many women are always trying to keep the diet in a long time in order to maintain ideal body weight.
The best way to get healthy and ideal weight is to keep eating healthy foods and exercise regularly. Unfortunately, many women who want to get a slim body instantly. In fact, not all diets are safe living. There are some dietary patterns that are considered cespleng, just save the risk for those who live it.
Therefore, in order to get a healthy slim body, avoid bad way to lose weight following, as quoted from Modernmom.

Smoking is regarded as an activity that can increase metabolism, thus burning calories the body easily. Smoking can make a hungry bear. But, if your intention to smoke to lose weight, this is a very bad idea.
Cigarettes are addictive substances that make you suck it hard to stop, even after you have lost weight. The health risks caused by cigarettes far outweigh the benefits of weight loss.
According, increasing your metabolic rate from smoking actually increases the risk of heart disease.

Diet and ignore hunger
Skipping eating schedule will result in lack of calories your body that should be required. You not only lose the calories that are very important for the body, but also nutrients and vitamins. This could have a negative impact on health. When the body does not get enough calories, your metabolism will slow to make up the body's energy shortage. Similarly, as reported

Diet fruit juice
Do not consume anything but just drink fruit juice to your diet may sound effective, but there are risks to health. Such a diet is contrary to the principles of balanced nutrition. If you continue to run in a relatively long time, the diet in this way would be dangerous to health.
Weight loss can indeed be down, but due to lack of nutrients from other food ingredients, chances are you become more susceptible to disease.
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Wrong way for Lose Weight (must avoid that)

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