Thursday, September 2, 2010

Diet wiyh No Eat Rice : it's healthy ?

Diet wiyh No Eat Rice
Diet wiyh No Eat Rice : it's healthy ?
Has a slim body ideal are many women's dream. By grab, not infrequently they are willing to 'suffer' with having a diet strictly. It is most often performed is to prevent a rice meal. Healthy and effective is this method?
Many people on a diet by his own rules without the knowledge of good. Often those who deliberately do not eat rice for the lean, a diet is not balanced.
Generally, they stop eating the rice (to reduce arupan complex carbohydrates), but still eating instant foods, which generally contains high fat. Unwittingly, they enter a high number of calories, which in fact has the potential to increase body weight.
Rather than constantly feel hungry to avoid carbohydrates, better consumption of the normal menu (rice, side dishes and vegetables) in small portions, or to taste.
Do not just eat for lunch toppings, because your body will quickly hungry because of the low-carbohydrate consumption. In fact, during the day the body requires the most energy. Well, since no energy, automatically will feel hungry faster.
Decreased intake of carbohydrates, and just consume excessive protein, could be detrimental to health. If prolonged, can lead to kidney and liver disorders. So do not be carbohydrate should be avoided, but is limited sufficiently.
If you get bored eating the rice, can be replaced with other carbohydrate foods such as bread, pasta, potatoes or corn. Never lean obsessed with diet and torturing one's body!


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Diet wiyh No Eat Rice : it's healthy ?

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