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Body Resistance increase with Organic Meals

Body Resistance increase with Organic Meals
These days, eating healthy foods is increasingly becoming a trend, especially in big cities. One of them eat organic food. Many people considered it a healthy food because the process of planting until harvest is done naturally, aka do not use chemicals. Because of that, our food is safe for consumption.
Along this trend, now increasingly easy to find organic food. Many shopping malls and outlets to market certain foods free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, and these transgenic seeds. Because of increasing consumption, the foods are now also increasingly diverse. Besides vegetables and fruits, later also appeared chicken, eggs, and organic milk.
Organic foods do have many properties for health. Quite a lot of research that conclude that fruits, vegetables, and beans are grown organically contains many nutrients, including vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. In contrast, very little of these foods contain nitrates and deposition of pesticides than non-organic.
"Therefore, eating organic foods regularly make the body is not easy to get sick," said Susianto, Chief Operating Indonesia Veg Society (IVS).
Immune system become stronger because organic foods contain more antioxidants than non-organic materials. The benefits of antioxidants for the body quite a lot. In addition to cleaning the blood, also can help prevent many diseases, like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, and degenerative diseases or other descent.
Organic foods contain high antioxidant because it does not use chemicals. Fertilizers, for example, only using compost fertilizer. That way, foods contain more nutrients than the content of substances that are harmful to health.
On the contrary. non-organic food can be bad for health. You see, these foods contain chemicals such as fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides up. Well. chemical substances that are usually kept attached to the vegetables and fruits such.
"Moreover, the fruit is shipped from outside the island or the results would need to import additional preservatives to prevent rot quickly, so the content of chemical substances will be even bigger," said Trini Sudarti, nutritionist, University of Indonesia Faculty of Public Health (FKM-UI).
The negative impact of non-organic foods is not going directly visible. Usually, the impact will be seen in the long term. In that period, there will be a buildup of toxic chemical substances (toxic) in the body. Consequently. liver or liver must work hard to neutralize the poison. Only, the liver will not be able to neutralize the poison forever in the body.
If we mengomsumsi everyday foods like this, of course, the impact will be felt sooner. You see, every day there is a chemical into the body. As a result, there are toxins in the body that can not be neutralized and turned into fat.
"The more toxins that come in, the more fat will accumulate," said Adi Sasongko, Director of Yayasan Kusuma National Health Service.
Bad fats in the body can become sources of disease. Some of them are obese, heart, gallbladder disease, stroke, to diabetes mellitus. Hence, for this evil lemat mengihindari buildup, many medical circles suggest people who were on a diet to organic foods.
In addition to helping the performance of the heart, these foods are also high in fiber. In this way, can help dissolve fat. The fats will be issued along with the remnants of digestion, "said Trini.

Prevent stroke and heart
Another benefit of organic foods is relatively high flavonoid content. Just so you know, flavonoids are substances that can reduce the potential for stroke and heart disease. Flavonoid content of organic crops is higher because organic foods are not fertilized with chemicals.
That way, the plant must work harder to get nitrogen in the soil. That's when the plant is able to produce our heart healthy flavonoids.
As with the plants that use chemical fertilizers. These plants do not need to work harder to get nitrogen. The problem of synthetic chemical fertilizers already contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury.
For pregnant women these substances is very harmful, because it can affect brain development in fetuses. "Therefore, pregnant women should eat organic food," advises Trini.


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Body Resistance increase with Organic Meals

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