Thursday, April 8, 2010

why : Eating fried can Create A cough?

why : Eating fried can Create A cough?
Fried foods, like fried bananas, bakwan, or combro, is a very unique menu of Indonesia. Fried snacks are very popular indeed hereditary. But too often becomes itchy throat and cough occur after we eat fried foods. Why is that, yes?
Itchy throat is actually caused by acrolein, a compound formed by the heating temperature exceeds the point of cooking oil fumes. Good cooking oil has a high smoke point. The higher the smoke point, the better the quality of cooking oil. When oil is used repeatedly, then acrolein is formed so that the faster you eat fried foods cause a cough.
According to Harry Soegiantoro, General Manager Grace Oryza Rice Bran Oil, frying temperature generally has a smoke point of 177-121 degrees Celsius.
"A good cooking oil smoke points should have no less than 215 degrees Celsius. Frying at temperatures above the point the smoke will change the unsaturated fatty acids in the oil becomes saturated fatty acids that increase cholesterol in the blood," he said in Jakarta on Thursday (8 / 4 / 2010).
Harry explains, the smoke that comes out of used cooking oil when frying is a sign that the smoke point is exceeded. "In addition to changing the fatty chain, frying pan with a very high temperature will also form acrolein causes a cough," he added.
Smoke point at which oil has been used for frying will decrease due to hydrolysis of the oil molecules. That's why oil should not be used repeatedly. "A maximum of three times used. After that, the cooking should be discarded," said Harry.


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why : Eating fried can Create A cough?

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