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Milk Can Make you sleep better

Milk Can Make you sleep better
You are still looking for ways to make quality sleep 7 to 8 hours a day? The easiest way is to refrain from heavy meal 90 minutes before your bedtime. If you feel hungry, then grab a healthy snack. Set also measuring, no more than 200 calories. Here's a list of beneficial foods that relieve muscle tension and calm the mind.
1. Banana
The fruit is a sleeping pill the most practical. Bananas contain melatonin and tryptophan (which will turn into serotonin) to help you fall asleep. "Melatonin is a hormone that signals the brain that this is the time for the body to rest all night," explained Esther B Horn, an expert on diets and holistic nutrition in New York. It also contains magnesium, which serves to make the muscles relax and help relieve stress and other physical tension.
2. Tea "chamomile"
Chamomile tea is a mixture of basic ingredients for preparing ahead of time to sleep. Coolness to give effect to release the natural serenity of mind and body weight.

3. Warm milk
Bedtime, children are usually fed by his mother. Apparently, this is not just the lure of la child. Milk contains tryptophan, which can trigger the release of melatonin is naturally in the body system. Melatonin regulate our biological clock, and help us sleep soundly and achieve the conditions.
4. Honey
Mix honey in warm milk or herbal tea, and drink before bed. High sugar content which is able to stimulate the brain works. However, the number of low glucose could make more relaxing brain and increase alertness.
5. Potato
And sweet potato tuber is a plant that will not make your blood sugar soaring, and even helped drive a block acid tryptophan. As you know previously, tryptophan helps the body to be more relaxed. Eat a baked potato in small portions to help you start yawning and drowsiness.
6. "Oatmeal"
Oat is the largest source of food cause drowsiness than others. This food is not only warms the stomach, but also rich in fiber, which makes you feel full before getting into bed. A bowl of oatmeal that is cooked is also a good source of melatonin.
7. "Almond"
Handful of almonds is good for the heart can cause you to sleep because the content of tryptophan and magnesium.
8. Whole wheat bread
A loaf of bread wheat are eaten with tea and honey can release insulin that can help quickly to the brain tryptophan. When these substances are mixed with serotonin, be prepared to yawn and went to bed.


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Milk Can Make you sleep better

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