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THE Most Contaminated Foods

Most Contaminated Foods
The Food and Drug (FDA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced the kinds of food contaminated based on research in 2006. In this food found levels of pesticides and chemicals that high based on 100,000 sample test food.
These are 12 types of food contaminated with these:
1. Beef, pork, and poultry
U.S. environmental protection Agency (EPA) reported that meat is contaminated by high levels of pesticides than vegetable products. Pesticides and chemicals that are soluble in fat and accumulate in fatty tissue of cattle. Animal feed containing animal products are accumulating component will easily fit into the human body to consume the flesh of farm animals.
In addition, antibiotics, drugs, and hormones that are often used in animal husbandry can also accumulate in the meat that is often consumed by humans. Meanwhile, freshwater fish products are also reported exposure to pesticides from contaminated water.
2. Milk, cheese and butter
As in the case of meat products, milk products and derivatives, such as cheese and butter, also contain the accumulation of pesticides.

3. Strawberries and raspberries
Strawberries, raspberries, and Chery is a product of the highest fruit of his presentation on pesticides in the U.S.. In general, 300 pons pesticides spread on every acre (0.4 hectares) of strawberry fields. Strawberry farmers typically use 36 different types of pesticides and 90 percent of the strawberry samples tested showed pesticide contamination above safe levels.

4. Apples and pears
The FDA conducted tests detected 36 chemicals, about half are neurotoxins (could cause brain damage). Meanwhile, pears also had higher levels of pesticides near apples.

5. Tomatoes
Farmers in the U.S. typically use more than 30 types of pesticides sprayed on tomato plants. The bad news, the thin skin of the tomato could not prevent the entry of these chemicals.

6. Potato
Potatoes are the types of vegetables are quite popular, but 79 percent of potatoes tested also showed high pesticide levels above normal.

7. Spinach and other vegetables
FDA found spinach as the most contaminated vegetables in the levels of dangerous pesticides. During cropping, the farmers use 36 kinds of chemicals to make spinach avoid the attack of pests.

8. Coffee
Most coffee is produced in countries that do not have strict standards in the use of pesticides in food. In addition, the United States also exports millions of tons of pesticides, some of them dangerous and illegal use in American agriculture into the coffee-producing countries.

9. Peaches
Fruit is juicy and delicious taste is also not spared from the accumulation of pesticides. Like the tomato, peach skin is thin also can not resist the entry of pesticides into the fruit.

10. Wine
Because the grapes are soft, farmers spray pesticides for a variety of different types at each stage of growth in grape. In a conventional wine farm used 35 different types of pesticides.

11. Celery
Conventionally grown celery contain high pesticide levels. More than 90 percent of celery were tested showed high levels of pesticides. Because it has no rind, celery stuck to pesticides can not be removed simply by washing.

12. Pepper
Pepper plants, including species of plant pesticides are often sprayed with 39 types of pesticide standards. More than 60 percent of the pepper that tested showed levels of pesticide contamination.


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THE Most Contaminated Foods

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