Thursday, April 8, 2010

the Innovative Healthy Italian Menu

Innovative Healthy Italian Menu
Hotel Indonesia Kempinski partnered with the White Lotus, the provider introduced a balanced healthy diet healthy menu "Eat Well, Live Well" at Casa D'oro, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/4/2010) ago.
Today's society is more concerned with what is consumed. Casa D'oro introduce such healthy food menu for those who want to lose weight, diet, or those with chronic diseases.
In this Italian restaurant, team nutritionist and chef of the White Lotus in particular Francesco Greco presents dishes that use ingredients certified food safety, fresh, and healthy. Menu provided in this program also considers count calories and fat to meet the needs of a balanced diet.
"The program 'Eat Well, Live Well' provides a solution to the needs of healthy food diet, and adjusted to the needs of each individual," says Jenny Poespita, founder and CEO of the White Lotus.
Some people think that healthy food is not bad and boring. But this is broken by the White Lotus. Chef Francesco, who are experienced in the field dispensing Italian cuisine menu, as you already know. Some menus are provided, among others, the black squid pasta with clam sauce cherry tomato basil flavor, ravioli with porcini mushrooms, until the potatoes with steamed fish seabream.
For drinks, you can enjoy the Ever Green which is a mixture of aloe vera juice, kiwi fruit, aloevera gelee, and cream cheese. Or Exotic Vera, which is blended from a mixture of aloevera gelee, aloe vera juice, and pineapple juice.
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the Innovative Healthy Italian Menu

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