Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Banish Stress with a Cup of Sweet Tea

Banish Stress with a Cup of Sweet TeaBanish Stress with a Cup of Sweet Tea
Experiencing stress at work experienced by those who have multiple work load heavy. When dealing with high-pressure conditions, try to relax by sipping a cup of hot tea.
As quoted from the page of the Telegraph, a psychologist from Australia stated that sweet drinks such as help reduce the stress that makes people tend to be aggressive or argumentative.
According to research, energy derived from sugar allows the brain to maintain control of emotions. It is important to prevent themselves showed a negative reaction spontaneously when stress strikes.
Research done by giving sweet drinks to the number of volunteers. Some use the original sugar sweeteners, some with artificial sweetener. The volunteers were then faced with the task of fishing stress, followed by a presentation.
The results showed that those who consume sugar more capable of genuine emotions under control while under the same pressure.
When faced with a difficult supervisor at work meetings, drinking sweet drinks before the meeting is strongly recommended. Sweet drink before the journey home after a stressful job too well.
Glucose is needed by the brain to activate the "executive function", which includes the ability to withstand an explosion of emotions, say researchers from the University of New South Wales and Queensland University.
"Despite the widespread notion that the consumption of glucose can cause the 'high sugar', but our data show that glucose can enhance executive control when provoked," said one researcher.
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Banish Stress with a Cup of Sweet Tea

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