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mad work is dangerous for our healthy

Danger to Be an Mad Worker - working maniac
mad work is dangerous for our healthy

All this time you may work with enthusiasm to achieve a certain success. Both the rising salaries, bonuses, or career paths to reach higher. However, if your system does not work regularly, every day of overtime and did not make time to rest, when you achieve career success, it can worsen health.
"Many people push themselves to living with an unhealthy pursuit of success. However, high work pressure and long working hours, can lead one into serious health problems can even shorten life," said George Griffing, MD, professor of internal medicine Saint Louis University, Philippines, quoted by the Times Of India.
Many of the health dangers that lurk if you're a workaholic. Not only physical health problems but also psychological. Here are six issues that arise when a person becomes a workaholic.

1. Forgot the relax
Stress due to work in a particular grade was good enough to 'force' you to keep working and motivated. However, if left and you forget how to pamper yourself, life will only be covered with stress. Your emotions became unstable.

2. Can not enjoy the food
Food as good as any you will not be able to enjoy if taken in front of the computer, holding a conference call or completing a deadline. People who tend to be workaholics 'wasting time' when enjoying lunch in the dining room without talking or completing a job.

3. Minimal sleep
Someone who calls himself a professional, he is able to distinguish when personal time and at any time to work, including sleep time. Each worker takes time to sleep between eight to nine hours. Lack of sleep makes a person emotionally unstable, lack of concentration, trouble with memory and tends to make inappropriate decisions. Though it was badly needed by a professional.

4. Working when in sick condition
Many workers still come to work despite being ill. Yet if the views of productivity, a sick person away from productive work. So, it's better to rest first at home to recover than a messy job because of illness.

5. Excessive to much drinking coffee
People who drink coffee are often workaholics in large quantities. If done continuously risk of heart attack, digestive disorders, addiction and premature aging and even higher.

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mad work is dangerous for our healthy

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