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Energy Drink is Dangers when We Go Fast

Energy Drink is Dangers when We Go Fast
Energy Drink is Dangers when We Go Fast
Fast during the day it causes the body to feel weak. Many people are then tempted tonic drinks or energy when breaking.
However, nutritionists recommend that no energy drinks - after breaking the fast. Because, after fasting the body needs fluids to cleanse and replenish your body and adjust the blood sugar level.
As quoted from the Arab News, Dr. Khalid Madani, general supervisor of the Department of Nutrition at the Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia, said high-sugar energy drinks and caffeine cause health problems like kidney disorders, liver damage, and diabetes.
Tonic beverage consumption also causes the body experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, anxiety, and severe headache. White Water is the beverage most advisable when breaking the fast.
A study from Nova Southeastern University in Florida who appeared in Doctors and Sportsmedicine Journal concluded, energy drinks cause adverse effects, especially if consumed in large quantities and continuously.
Energy drink contains 505 mg of caffeine in 355 ml or equivalent to 14 cans of soda. This figure is far higher than the threshold level of caffeine allowed the U.S. Food and Drug Agency (FDA) of 71 mg in 355 ml. In addition, sugar and taurine content of energy drinks are very high.
Stephanie Ballard, a U.S. researcher says there is evidence of these beverages contribute to weight loss and some other diseases. "Many people think that one can not overdose on caffeine. But the consumption of too much caffeine can cause tension, drowsiness and nervousness, osteoporosis, heart disease, vascular problems, intestinal complications and even death," he said.
During Ramadan, the best-selling energy drinks in the Middle East. Request an addition to energy drinks has increased demand.
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Energy Drink is Dangers when We Go Fast

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