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cabbage vegetable benefit for health

cabbage vegetable benefit for healthcabbage vegetable benefit for healthwe must be familiar with the vegetables named cabbage, personally very fond of vegetables is mainly as vegetables, vegetables are also commonly you use to mix in vegetables.
Perhaps many who do not know the benefits and content of vegetables, fresh cabbage contains water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, vitamins (A, C, E, thiamine, riboflavin, nicotinamide), calcium and beta carotene.
Active compounds found in cabbage, among others, anthocyanins, sianohidroksibutena, sulforan and iberin. The existence of substance cabbage anthocyanins make the color turns to red.

Here are the benefits derived from vegetable cabbage:
1. Prevent canker sores, high content of vitamin C in cabbage to prevent thrush, so for those of you who feel there are symptoms of canker sores, handle it with a lot of eating cabbage in the form of vegetables.
2. Against cancer, active substance content of cabbage that is sulforafan and histidine can inhibit tumor growth, preventing colon and rectal cancer, detoksikasi dangerous chemical compounds, such as cobalt, nickel, and copper excess in the body and increase body resistance against cancer.
3. Helping mothers breastfeed, cabbage can help relieve the pain of swollen when breastfeeding.
4. Lowering cholesterol levels in sulfur amino acid content is also efficacious lowering high cholesterol levels, how to select good cabbage then wash ¼ medium-sized portion of fresh cabbage thoroughly, rinse with water and then cut into pieces as needed, the cabbage juice and then drink the juice at the same time, do routinely.
5. Reduce swelling, cabbage can also be used to reduce swelling on the body, the way to compress the body portion of the sick, swollen or painful joints with cabbage leaves that have been cleaned.

Although many health benefits, some things you should be aware at the time of eating cabbage, namely:
- Cabbage contains compounds that can stimulate the formation of gas in the stomach causing a feeling of bloating.
- Cabbage leaves also contain glucosinolate group which causes somewhat bitter taste
- If the cabbage juice is consumed continuously, to reduce the amount of iodine in the body, resulting in thyroid gland (thyroid), iodine deficiency, to prevent multiply to consume the food sources of iodine such as seaweed and others.


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cabbage vegetable benefit for health

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