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food menus for Menstruation women

food menus for Menstruation womenMenu Foods To Face Coming Menstruation day food menus for Menstruation women Menstruation or menses is often disrupt the activities of the women. Aches and pains inflicted makes women unable to maximize its performance. However, a balanced intake of nutrients can overcome this. Here are some special daily menu women who can make them feel more fit and free from pain and menstrual disorders, as quoted from Shine. Menstrual period (Day 1-5).
In this period, the rate of women is very high sensitivity. Therefore advised to consume foods that contain magnesium and omega three to stabilize emotions.
End of menstrual period (Day 6-13). Late menstrual period and 7 days later is when the female hormone most stable. Level of stress experienced is reduced. To keep it, eat foods that contain vitamins and minerals intact, such as fruits and vegetables.
Day 14-17. Two weeks after menstruation, usually female appetite will increase. Currently most appropriate to eat a variety of delicacies such as seafood or Wagyu beef which is also healthy.

Day 18-23. This period is often known as PMS or pre menstrual syndrome. AT this time the hormone progesterone reaches its peak. As a result, women often suffer from digestive problems like constipation and stomach cramps. Foods rich in fiber is best consumed in this period.

Day 24-28. PMS continues. Need protein foods to balance blood sugar began to unstable. Ice cream or chocolate will make the women more calm and avoid the pain of PMS.

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food menus for Menstruation women

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