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Eat Seafood with Wisely

How to Eat Seafood with Wisely
How to Eat Seafood with Wisely
sashimi, sushi, grilled grouper, tuna and soup sweet and sour red snapper head, everything taste tempting food. Many people in various parts of the world menggemarinya, probably including you and your family.
But as you know, when we all are not wise to consume foods that come from this sea, it means we get involved to accelerate the extinction of marine fish.
In fact, marine scientists have predicted we would all eat plankton in 2050 to come, if started today would be unwise to choose seafood. Plankton are the natural food of marine fish.
"Fish more and more like gold. Fishermen increasingly difficult to find, "said Imam Mustafa, Coordinator of WWF-Indonesia National Fisheries Programme, at a seminar titled 'Choose Your Food Right' in america @ Pacific Place, Jakarta.
As you know, fish is very good for human health because it is a source of protein, fats, vitamins B6, B12, Biotin, and Niacin, and rich in minerals that can improve the intelligence of the brain.
Therefore, not surprisingly, sushi or seafood enthusiast increasingly rising, especially in Indonesia, which has a sea area of approximately 5.6 million square kilometers with the potential of abundant natural resources.
But the funny thing is, the day the fishermen catch fish at a place more distant from the coastline. In fact, fishermen from the North Sea started to look for fish in the waters of the coral triangle, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Timor Leste, and Papua New Guinea.
Strong demand from the public will cause the company's seafood fisheries distribute fish from fishermen catch more. Fishermen also for the benefit of a larger attempt to capture fish in greater numbers is also regardless of the standard size of fish that can be harvested.
While the condition of fisheries in Indonesia itself is quite alarming. Usual size was arrested at this time is much smaller than standard size arrest. Tuna for example, the standard of his arrest was 600 grams, but that often you meet definitely smaller than that.

Try to be wise in choosing seafood that you eat. WWF has issued a 'Seafood Guide' which lists the types of fish that you can avoid, reduce, and you eat.
Turtles and their eggs, coconut crabs, lobster or crayfish, sharks, blue and yellow fin tuna, and grouper have you avoided because the population is very little.
Meanwhile, crab, snapper, shrimp, rays, and octopus that you should subtract. Similarly, because by eating fish eggs fish eggs, you already destroyed the fish seed.
So, what can you eat as much; anchovies, tuna, milkfish, pomfret, sardines, mackerel, squid, and jellyfish.
Shocked? Take it easy! 'Seafood Guide' that made the WWF is not a fixed price. You can still eat tuna, snapper, shrimp provided really notice the size. Choose seafood that large size, because the small size is still a baby.
By following this way, then you will succeed in forcing fishermen and fishing companies to be more responsible. And you need not fear going to feed children and grandchildren, plankton in the future. (Pet)
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Eat Seafood with Wisely

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