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today healthful foods can make fat

today healthful foods can make fattoday healthful foods can make fat.

Many people assume, the consumption of junk food as the biggest cause of obesity. But you know, healthy foods are often eaten can make a stretchy waist.
For those who are on a diet, start now watch your diet for a diet that is not lived in vain. Here's a list of healthful foods that can make your weight soaring.

1. Sushi
Be careful to make the sushi enthusiast. Vegetables and seaweeds are listed as low-calorie foods, but a mixture of cream cheese or mayonnaise, seafood makes a sushi roll with levels of about 500-600 calories.
Ketchup that we often eat with sushi too can make the weight increases, because the content of sodium makes you want to continue drinking and eating.

2. Dried fruit
Dried fruit proved to have more calories than fresh fruit. This is because wasteful dried fruits that have undergone the drying process that makes it more solid.
For example, fresh wine has 60 calories per cup, while raisins has 460 calories. You need to know, not a bit too dry fruit that use extra sugar so that the number of calories could be higher.

3. Granola
Healthy breakfast menu consisting of beans and wheat turned out to have is 500 calories per bowl. Surprised? It turned out that the use of oil that makes it crispy make these foods have a high amount of calories. Better to choose other cereals with the same nutrients but a little oil and sugar.

4. Coffee milk
Usually you will mix the milk in the coffee black. However, it turns out this is the wrong way to get calcium. If you drink coffee 2-3 cups of milk per day then you will get 200 calories or more of the same as getting calories from large pieces of butter are high in fat.

5. Bottled tea
Many tea packaging using sugar or honey as a sweetener. One bottle of tea appeared to have almost 200 calories equals one bottle of soda.

6. Glutinous rice crispies
If you eat glutinous rice crispies, you definitely will not stop until they run out. This food is actually low in fat and calories, but the content is very low in fiber and protein. Even the desire to eat continuously substance-the substance that causes increases in your body.

7. Vegetable burgers
Certainly do not use beef in burgers is to reduce calories. However, without any meat you can get 1000 calories from a burger as cheese, bread forms a large, sauces, and mayonnaise that make it a high calorie content.

8. Fruit juice
Who would have thought fruit juice can make the body fat? Apparently a glass of orange juice or apple flavored packaging has 55 grams of carbohydrate equals one slice of bread. And most of the juice on the market contain up to 12 spoons full of sugar.

9. Salad
There's nothing better than a vegetable that is not mixed any seasoning. The addition of cheese, beans, salad dressings made him rich in calories even higher than the pasta.

10. tahu (binker) tofu
You will get the sodium, calories, saturated fat, and sugar in the dish even know. However, knowing not the food that will make the fat, but how to manage it can make calorie content in foods made out to be high.
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today healthful foods can make fat

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