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traditional petai benefits health food

traditional petai benefits health food
traditional petai benefits health foodA variety of fresh vegetables of choice, whether from fruit, seeds and leaves of plants or herbs.
Ulam-ulam, including traditional petai , kerdas, leaf pennywort, salads king, cashew shoots, bean botor, shoots and leaves of papaya tenggek birds.
In the meantime, another side dish is so popular and a favorite of many of the plants are seed soaking appetite.
Fruit or seed soaking young usually eaten raw or just chew.
Many are now mencecahnya with other ground or sliced chili for added fats in food, especially curry chili fire.
While soaking smells very strong and unpopular among some people, but for fans of salads, it has its advantages and attractions to eat.
In fact, there is a brood of seed soaking into the soil or a pile of wood dust for a few days just want a more penetrating odor.
Principal soaking or scientific name Pithecellobium jiringa (Jack) Prain from family Leguminosae, a large and shady, while the leaves in pairs without fur.
The flowers are white and the clump and its fruit in the form of seed pods long but not straight with typical sizes between 20 and 26 centimeter (cm).
Soaking the skin thick and dark brown, while a large stone about 3 to 5sm but flat.
Soaking trees usually grew in forests or cultivated by the villagers.
Despite the soaking privileges as fruit salad, it actually has its own nutrition for health and medical.
Curator of National Museum, Jamaluddin Zainal Abidin told, soaking has a relatively high protein content, up 10.5 percent.
According to him, other nutritional content is 84.1 per cent carbohydrates, 52 percent water, 1 per cent, ash 0.8 per cent fat and 3.6 percent fiber.
"The fruit soaking the medical and nutritional value to humans that can reduce high blood pressure," said Zainal Abidin.

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traditional petai benefits health food

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