Wednesday, March 30, 2011

food menu Accelerate cure Post-Surgical

food menu Accelerate cure Post-SurgicalRed Pepper Juice, food menu Accelerate cure Post-Surgical
Scar surgery, especially cesarean section, sometimes cause itching. Moreover, if the wound is not dry quickly. It must be very disturbing activities. How to deal with immediate surgery for wound dry and recover quickly?
Well, one way that can be done is to increase the consumption of food which will packed aka ascorbic acid content of vitamin C. Vitamins are also known as the source of this antioxidant nutritious produce collagen that is necessary to accelerate wound healing.

(preparation time: 10 minutes)
2 pieces (400 g) red bell pepper
2 pieces red tomatoes
1 apple Fuji apple or other types
2 stalks celery sticks


* Wash the peppers, tomatoes, apples, and celery sticks. Cut into pieces.
* Process all ingredients in a juicer and absorb the juice. Mix well.
* Serve immediately.

* Choose a juicer that has a quality machine that can provide more juice. One sign is that the waste is more dry.

* The best sources of ascorbic acid is red peppers, red tomatoes, oranges, apples, green leafy vegetables, kiwi, guava.
* We recommend these fruit and vegetable juice is immediately taken. If the juice is left open and exposed to air for too long, its vitamin C content would be reduced by 30%.
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food menu Accelerate cure Post-Surgical

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