Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Food with zinc Prevent Anemia

Food with zinc Prevent AnemiaFood with zinc substance is Right: Optimal Prevent Anemia!
Anemia prevention is the easiest way to consume food ZINC. For example: oysters, shrimp, beef liver, meat, eggs, milk, green peas, peanuts, soybeans, and green vegetables.

Unfortunately, food consumption has not been enough. Cause:
* Bioavaibilitas (power absorption) in some foods low zinc. Example: eggs, milk, beans, and green vegetables.
* phytate contained in the staple food of Indonesia, including grains (rice, corn, wheat) and other food sources, can reduce iron absorption.
* Consumption of cow's milk is not fortified with iron, milk with calcium and phosphoprotein will reduce the absorption of iron in the body.
* Prices of food with iron berzat bioavaibilitas (power absorption) is high, such as beef and liver are generally expensive, so rarely consumed.

How to cope with low iron bioavaibilitas:
* Combine berzat iron foods with vitamin C foods, like oranges, tomatoes, mango, and strawberry. Vitamin C increases iron absorption, so the combination of the above make the optimum iron absorption.
* Leave a space of time of 1-2 hours between the consumption of cow's milk and cereals with iron berzat food.

Alternative prevention: taking iron supplements are practical.
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Food with zinc Prevent Anemia

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