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Nutritious food post-surgery eating

Nutritious food post-surgery eating
What foods should not be eaten post-operative patients after coming home from the Hospital?
We still often hear that the prohibition of eating certain foods for patients with post-surgery after being at home. Various kinds of restrictions were raised by relatives and neighbors when they visit the post-operative patients in their homes. Families with one banning eating this, neighbors forbade eating it.
The influence of the family and the neighbors sometimes make the patient confused though when I got home from the Hospital has been ordered by doctors that there is no ban on any food, aka free.
Throughout there is no special message from the doctor in relation to the type of disease and the type of operation, the patients free to eat any food when he got home.

Case Example:
A young mother undergoing cesarean section (sectio Caesaria) to deliver the baby. While still in hospital, the mother fed the nice meals such as meat, eggs, soup, fruit, snacks and others. Uh, when I got home, the relatives forbade eating fish, meat, vegetables berkuah, and seabreg other restrictions. Ngenes deh.

No need to wonder if later the young mother was still weak and pale in spite of the operation had lasted 2 weeks in advance. Yet after this period the mother should be able to walk to the Mall.

In everyday practice, such incidents still exist. When asked why their relatives or neighbors prohibit eating certain foods, the answer is almost uniform, ie: fear of slow operation wound dry, itchy and scared others.
Sometimes patients or their families ask:

* Permissible to eat meat, chicken, fish?
* Allow eat fried foods (oily)
* Allow bersantan eat vegetables?

Answer: Perhaps! Even highly recommended to eat nutritious foods for wound healing after surgery and body condition quickly recovered.

Have we grafting fruit trees? When we grafting fruit trees, the bark of a circular sliced, then given the most fertile land around the cut and watered every day. Why? So that soon grow around the root bark slices.

Well, like that picture of post-surgery. If you want quick healing process and body fit again, then the post-operative patients should eat nutritious food.

In general, to speed up the healing process and recovery of postoperative patients, we need to consider the tips below:

* Eat nutritious foods, such as: rice, side dishes, vegetables, milk, fruit.
* Consumption of food (side dishes), high protein, like meat, chicken, fish, eggs and the like.
* Drink at least 8-10 glasses per day.
* Try to get enough rest.
* Mobilization gradual as to be active as usual. The sooner the better.
* Bathe as usual, ie 2 times a day.
* Control on a regular basis to evaluate the operation wound and inspection body condition.
* Take medications as recommended by your doctor.

For patients who are far from town, can ask permission and guidance procedures for treating injuries to the doctor to treat his own wound.


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Nutritious food post-surgery eating

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