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Dutch Durian benefits for health

DURIAN BELANDA - Dutch Durian benefits for health
Dutch Durian benefits for healthPerhaps many are not aware of stems, roots, seeds and fruit of Annona muricata Holland, Annona family) have many benefits for the use of traditional and modern.
According to the study, the Dutch durian fruit is soft shell, which is rather rare spines sharp, able to treat and prevent someone from getting cancer, and couples who want to nourish the offspring.
People in the Andes, Peru, a powdered tea from the leaves to treat sore throats.
The seeds are crushed into powder specifically to kill parasites in the human body, such as worms.
While the population of the Amazon used the roots, bark and leaves, are believed to cure diabetes.
Similarly, the Aboriginal tribes in Guyana made of powdered tea leaves and bark to make a tonic drink essentially to help solve the problem of the heart and liver disease.
They also get the oil from the leaves or young fruit and then mixed with olive oil for external use to solve problems and sore joints, sore limbs.
In Jamaica, Haiti and West India, the fruit and drinking water extraction as the Dutch durian fever medication, kills worms in the stomach and the right of children diarrhea medicine.
Bark is also believed to be suitable to help cure heart disease and cough while helping to restore the fertility of couples who have children is difficult. Other uses are as a cure malaria and stomach ulcers.
Especially for women who have just given birth, Guyana Native women are encouraged to continue drinking juice or eating fruit to increase breast milk production while avoiding the problem of tension.
In terms of modern medicine, the study found that the two universities, the material contained in the fruit can be used as Dutch aktibakteria, anticancer, antitumor, astrigen and neurological diseases. Dutch Durian contains amyloid, citric acid, fructose, manganese, sucrose, reticuline and tannin.

ANNONACEAE - Dutch Durian
- Uses:
Malay community to use these plants for treating swelling and abscess, and also for skin diseases in children.

- Distribution & Ecology:
This species comes from South America and probably brought in by the Dutch. In Perlis, it is widely cultivated for its fruits.


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Dutch Durian benefits for health

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