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king crab skin benefits for healthy

Belangkas - king crab skin benefits for healthy
Belangkas - king crab skin benefits for healthyIn the local community, king crab popular as exotic food, while the skin is a ghostly form of discarded or used as decoration by certain craft operators.
The discovery of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) proves the skin of animals that are considered not worth it having the properties of chitosan, thus potentially be developed for the pharmaceutical industry.
Research teams, Kamaliah Kasmaruddin, said chitosan is not only able to absorb fat for slimming, but also characterized by antimicrobial and antibacterial which allows it to treat wounds and accelerate the growth of new cells.
He said the acquisition also enables high positive charge of chitosan powder produced from the skin being said there are more than 250 million years ago, used as a cell battery, and remove heavy metals in water treatment plants.
Research would also, he said, proves skin king crab as the best source of chitosan because it can produce it at higher rates and low ash content and thus avoids the high heavy metals in its production.
"This study was conducted by using the skin of marine and mangrove horseshoe crab that many restaurant operators dumped between 15 centimeters in size up to one meter.
"Skin-sized chitosan is able to produce at a higher rate, which is 19 percent compared to other sources such as crabs and shrimp, each at a rate of 14 to 18 per cent only.

"The low ash content, which is less than one percent also proved the source of leather horseshoe crab chitosan was the most safe and environmentally friendly as it does not create a lot of heavy metal," he said when met at the Expo and the Creative Research Institutions of Higher Learning International (PECIPTA) in Kuala Lumpur, recently.
For extracting chitosan, Kamaliah said horseshoe crab skin dried, oven dried, ground and screened before the three processes of chemical reactions, which proteina, mineral include and pressures and high temperatures using a special machine.

"For the first and second chemicals, dust each skin horseshoe crab is mixed with hydrochloric acid and sodium hidroksid before the sun, while the third stage is mixed with concentrated sodium hidroksid before placed on the 15 psi pressure and temperature of 121 degrees centigrade," he said.
He said that besides the powder form that can be used for water treatment plants, it can be a pill or liquid pharmaceutical products as well as pieces to produce batteries and treat wounds.
He said the products through research Alternative Biosource from Horseshoe Crab carapace is supervised lectures UMT Institute of Tropical Aquaculture, Dr Zaleha Kassim.


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king crab skin benefits for healthy

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