Sunday, February 20, 2011

how to make a great cup of tea

5 factors to make a great cup of tea
1. Water grade water is the key factor that allows tea expressing its full potential. A great cup of tea is dependent by about 50% of the water quality. At all times use freshly drawn water that is not too hard as well as reduced in minerals. Thus utilize filtered water or mineral water. Good water filters are manufactured by Brita.
2. Water temperature regardless of the kind of tea do not ever put too hot water on your tea leaves mainly because it spoils even the best teas. Generally of thumb, by no means steam your water over 95 c and do not permit the water to remain boiling for any length since it will loose much needed oxygen that is necessary for the brew process. Start using a water pot which has a thermometer just like the Bréville tea maker to stop the boiling process at 95 c.
3. Your tea kettle No. matter whether you have porous material pots such as clay or those of nonporous material for instance porcelain, cast iron or even glass, rinse out the tea pot with hot water for a few moments and then discard. This will the brewing water stop from cooling down too quickly and thus ensuring the best brewing temperature for the actual brewing. If you use porous material tea pots, avoid using it for different types of teas as it adsorbs the fragrance of the tea. Should you enjoy different teas, have a tea marijuana for every single sort of tea or start using a glass tea pot.
4. Tea amount measure the quantity based upon weight rather than volume mainly because different teas have actually various bulk densities. Therefore measuring in teaspoons is not accurate enough. Make use of eight gram per 500 ml of water or 13 gram per liter (the larger the volume, the lower the quantity of tea is needed).
5. Infusion duration this really is important. In case you of basket the precious tea for too long, it becomes undrinkable. It is correct in the event you brew it for the time going to be bright and delicate in flavor. Every type of tea as well as tea of a single child collected at a different time of the year features its own ideal infusion duration. Ask your tea shop for the correct infusion or perhaps look at time the infusion chart offered on that is really detailed.
To get all 5 factors correct will require some expertise, or perhaps a tea maker such as the Bréville tea maker.


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how to make a great cup of tea

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