Sunday, February 20, 2011

Whipped cream perfect for desserts

Whipped cream is perfect for desserts
Next to sugar, whipped cream is apparently the most suitable ingredient in making desserts. It may just be suitable for virtually all desserts, come to think of it anything sweet that is served on a plate that comes to mind can be made even more special by adding whipped cream - cakes, cookies, pies, crepes, splits, pudding, fruits, frappes and hot drinks. There are different ways to use and prepared whipped cream but most people are not aware of it.
Certain equipments that are used to make the best quality whipped cream that can be done at home as well as some tips that can be added to it making it applicable to all dishes are discussed in this article.
The first thing to discuss is the hardware of whipped cream, the equipment. In making a whipped cream, the most basic equipment is the whipped creamer. This kind of whipped cream dispenser works well with a cream charger preferable N20 that dissolves into the cream making it fluffy by increasing its volume. This tool is like an electric whisk only that it extends the amount of whipped cream to twice that much is indispensable because it lowers down the cost and increases quality of the whipped cream, especially made for establishments that have food served on plates. Making whipped cream at home is much cheaper compared to ones in the grocery stores. With this, you are only paying for the refillable N20 cream chargers which can be bought in online stores easily. Whether your a restaurant owner or a plain housewife, paying for a refillable N20 cream chargers is much cheaper.
Now on to the meat of this article - the desserts! As mentioned dishes require different preparation of the whipped cream earlier, different. In general, you must make sure that you mix in the flavour and sweeteners into the cream completely before you add it to the whipped cream dispenser. This prevents the sealed pressurized tubes of any solid particles to clog. You can use just pure caster sugar to highlight the subtle flavors and spices used for cookies, cakes and pie. In making crepes, you can have the caramel, chocolate and strawberry syrup to mix with the cream because it suits the flapjack batter. To make up for the mild sweetness of the dessert, you can sweeten the cream more heavily with fresh fruits. For pudding, you want to serve it hot with the cream slightly melting on it and so you would want a thicker cream here and not too much fluff on it. The opposite goes for drinks - because you want the cream to be buoyant as possible to float inside that cup of cappuccino or hot cocoa.
The basics of the whipped cream equipment and the subtle differences in serving them in desserts are now in your hands. Have a good time adding that heaven to your desserts!


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Whipped cream perfect for desserts

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