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orange - Pomelo fruit beneficial to health

Buah JERUK bali - Pomelo fruit beneficial to healthorange - Pomelo fruit  beneficial to healthPomelo fruit [English: Grapefruit) beneficial to health. Pektinnya content more than other types of oranges. Pectin is believed to reduce cholesterol and reduce heart disease risk.
Almost everyone knew pomelo fruit. The contents of the fresh fruit and contains a lot of water, can continue to eat after a peel or a mixed salad or mixed.
The fruits are white (no red) could be used as dessert after the outer skin is removed contains many oil glands. In Vietnam, the fragrant flower used to make perfume (perfume). Not only that, the wood is often used to make kitchenware appliances.
Pomelo fruit is very useful lower cholesterol and fight heart disease. excep that , the pomelo is also good for the health of the gums because of vitamin C is high. This dibuktikankan by researchers at the Friedrich Schiller University, Germany, who found their relationship to the health of the gums that eating lots of fruit pomelo.
The study involved 58 respondents who experienced severe damage to the gums. In fact, pomelo positive impact when eaten daily for two weeks. In fact, the positive effect it is also true for smokers and nonsmokers. It is known that smoking is one of the main causes of damage to the gums.
Another benefit pomelo, it can clean the red blood cells that were old in the body and normalize the hematocrit (percentage of blood cells per volume of blood). As well as a source of antioxidants for cancer.
Besides eating the fruit, pomelo is often processed in the form of juice. In making the juice, you can combine pomelo with materials or other fruit, so it feels so much pleasure.

# Source of vitamin C and lower cholesterol
Eat two "spaces" (spaces in total) pomelo medium every day to get the maximum benefit.

# Drink antioxidant and anticancer
Take a medium sized pomelo seeds that have been stripped and dumped its contents. Put into blender, add enough water. Can also add a teaspoon of honey and other fruits such as mangoes or pears.
Alternatively, take a grain size of pomelo was peeled and removed its contents, and 1 cm of ginger has been removed skin. Put all ingredients into blender with some water added.

# Confectionery
Cut into pieces the pomelo skin (outer skin removed) cubic-shaped, cooked over low heat for 60 minutes. Remove water boiled, pick up, and weighed. Prepare the sugar to the heavy weight that has been boiled lemon skin.
Enter the pomelo skin that have been boiled in a pot, add water until completely submerged, add the sugar. Simmer over low heat stirring occasionally until the syrup thickens. Remove and let the skin remain submerged in lime syrup overnight.
The next day, cook over low heat until the sugar syrup is nearly empty. Remove the skin of the lemon syrup, spread out over nyiru, hung up to dry half. Cut a long-chopped, put in a closed container. For long-lasting (1 month), store them in the closet.
In addition eaten, skin candy, pomelo can be mixed into the cake mix, especially to replace other sweets or lime skin. Candied orange skin is dry mixed candied fruit will enrich the taste of fruitcake.
Smokers are also encouraged to eat fruit pomelo two "spaces" (spaces in total) per day. Increased levels of vitamin C in the blood can repair damaged tissue, and even cancer, caused by free radical unstability molecules as smoking and air pollution.


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orange - Pomelo fruit beneficial to health

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