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How to serve champagne a special drink

How to serve champagne a special drink
Champagne a special drink, that most people today for special events and occasions to maintain. The more special is the opportunity, the bottle should be the more expensive champagne.
For most people is the ultimate bottle celebrate with Dom Perignon champagne. This is because it is one of the oldest champagne brands on the market and it is still one of the more expensive brands.
If you're going to spend much money on a bottle of Dom Pérignon worth to operate properly. The first what you must do, is to bring your champagne at the right temperature. 8-10 C is the right temperature, Dom Perignon, to serve at room temperature. If you have a basement keep your Dom Perignon and serve it as soon as you take it from the wine cellar. Most of people have a wine cellar. Get your Dom Perignon at the right temperature, put it in the refrigerator door for 3 hours. How long depends on the temperature to operate your fridge you. You can place filled with a half ice and a half water for about twenty-five minutes it bucket, also in a champagne. If you allow too cold to enjoy Dom Pérignon's full flavor. Less expensive, sweet champagne are served much better at colder temperatures of 4-8 C.
All champagne, Dom Perignon especially should be served in a kind of long-stemmed champagne glass or a tulip shaped glass of champagne. The shape of the glass you in serve is important, the taste. Champagne glasses are designed around the river of bubbles, which in turn enhances the taste on the tongue to improve. Have you Crystal glasses use more bubbles form on the relatively rough surface of the Crystal. Not pop Cork when opening a bottle of champagne to lose many bubbles if you do.
The aroma of the Cathedral Perginon strengthen kind of long-stemmed Champagne flutes. Aroma plays a strong role as you experience the taste of something. A narrow glass concentrates the flavor and delivers it directly to the nose, which enhances the taste. Be tried, your glasses chill before serving champagne in you.
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How to serve champagne a special drink

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